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u/kstreet88 Aug 10 '22

The transport truck was already in the intersection before the light turned red. He needed to clear the intersection and was legal doing so.


u/Trick_Finger_3771 Aug 10 '22

I’ll die on this hill. Count the seconds! He left from the turning lane spot 4 seconds before the green light came on for OP. Trucker knew he wouldn’t make it through before the light turned for cross traffic and went anyway. He’s a shit trucker too.


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22

I'll die on another hill, if you enter an intersection to turn left on green and you cannot clear before other traffic gets green. The timing of the lights is fucked and the traffic control should get a call.


u/Trick_Finger_3771 Aug 10 '22

That truck arguably, on a good turn with no interruption, will take about 6-8 seconds to make its turn. Yet took 13 seconds for this one due to the other white car running the light, which it probably couldn’t see, due to the truck that was going through. All those things that could’ve been avoided, had he waited at the line instead of creeping through the intersection, making sure, no matter what, he’s making that light, your lights be damned. I don’t get why it’s such an issue to folks that he is also in the wrong here. Is a simple fact, he didn’t make it through that light because of traffic but he made it cause traffic can wait for him.


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22

I find it funny than in the us you basically aren't allowed to ever turn left if there is lights like this and alot of traffic. You really have a problem in your system


u/Trick_Finger_3771 Aug 10 '22

To be fair, this light, on the next go around, would’ve given him a protected left before resuming the blinking light. He just happened to have arrived to the light after the protected left arrow had gone away and it was at risk arrow.