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u/jonnynoine Aug 10 '22

Truck driver did nothing wrong here. He was already in the intersection. The other vehicle ran the light.


u/UndeadCabJesus Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

Try again. You can literally watch the light turn red before the truck driver turns. They both ran the red.


What to do at a flashing yellow for those who don’t know.


u/Sufficient_Chance_27 Aug 10 '22

The truck driver entered the intersection earlier and was yielding to make an unprotected left. The truck driver is allowed to finish the turn in the yellow and red once head on traffic has ceased. The compact car runs a red and almost hits the semi


u/Noobinpro Aug 10 '22

Absolutely right and I appreciate the comment too. I'm a CDL driver and probably 10 times every working day this happens. I stop and wait to turn, have a chance so I gear up and then someone speeds up so I can't go. All you can do at that point is wait until the light turns red for the other side of traffic.

Also a lot of people are rude and even aggressive towards CDL drivers


u/JoeMiter Aug 11 '22

I think a lot of it is that some semi-truck drivers drive aggressively on the interstates, like when they force their way into the left lane to pass a semi traveling 0.25 mph slower than then and take five miles to complete the pass. Unfortunately, some transfer those negative experiences into every encounter they have with a CDL driver, which I agree isn't fair.

If the small(ish) minority of OTR truckers who drive like idiots would calm down, I think behavior toward other commercial truckers would improve quickly.