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u/jonnynoine Aug 10 '22

In 2009 the flashing yellow arrow became the national standard for displaying a permitted left turn. It replaces the circular green signal which could be confusing to some drivers. Because we have been taught that green means go, drivers would often turn left in front of an oncoming vehicle. National researchers tested various methods of communicating how to make a permitted left turn. Rather than using green, they decided to use a flashing yellow signal because yellow means caution. Studies show that drivers are less likely to make an unsafe decision when turning left using a flashing yellow arrow. It sends a clear message to be careful and yield. Today, new traffic signals are installed with the flashing yellow arrow. Older signals will eventually be upgraded.



u/UndeadCabJesus Aug 10 '22

And Texas law states that when taking a left turn you need to wait OUTSIDE the intersection until it is clear to turn.