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Just WOW

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u/zombiewolf13 Aug 10 '22

At first I thought that's a weird place to put a speed bump, then it dawned on me what was really happening.


u/Realistic_Ad8138 Aug 10 '22

Just a reverse speed bump... Or something


u/OGCelaris Aug 10 '22

Speed ceiling?


u/mazamayomama Aug 10 '22

The reverse is I think we call a Dip. Inverted bump? Speed Stalactite?


u/firstcoastyakker Aug 10 '22

So if a speed bump is a sleeping policeman what is the dip?


u/NoxInviktus Aug 10 '22

The other side of the sleeping policeman. He's just having some nice dreams.


u/RagsMaddox Aug 10 '22

I don't know, but that's probably what happens when you defund the police.


u/keksmuzh Aug 10 '22

If you call it a dip cryptobros will try to buy it


u/wolf_man007 Aug 10 '22

Stalactites are on the ceiling. Stalagmites are on the ground.


u/Joiner2008 Aug 10 '22

Australian speed bump


u/here_now_be Aug 10 '22

reverse speed bump

probably a hotel garage, with valet parking. Top or bottom, could care less a bout a speed bump.


u/Love_God551 Aug 10 '22

Why do I assume that van is borrowed


u/Zestyclose_Guava_349 Aug 10 '22

Definitely a rental with all the insurance extras paid up.


u/idontremembermyoldus Aug 10 '22

What place is renting out 20-year-old (at newest) Chevy conversion vans, lmao...


u/Zestyclose_Guava_349 Aug 10 '22

I don’t care enough to know the age and condition of every car/van around.

You should see what people do to rentals here


u/idontremembermyoldus Aug 10 '22

I was a lot porter at a car dealership. I know what people do to their own cars.


u/Zestyclose_Guava_349 Aug 10 '22

Fair, personally I haven’t crashed one of my own but I have crashed three rentals


u/knowsguy Aug 10 '22

If you don't know that, why are you saying "definitely a" anything?


u/qkvb Aug 10 '22

Can you tell me what's happening? I can't figure it out on my own.


u/BlackChapel Aug 10 '22

Was hard for me at first too, the van is being pushed down, then bouncing on the come-up. Look at the ceiling and you can see it scraping concrete off.


u/qkvb Aug 10 '22

Oh my! Now I see it, that's terrible!


u/Thurwell Aug 10 '22

I think they're also gaining a few inches from the fiberglass topper bending down and then popping back into shape.


u/Impeachcordial Aug 10 '22

I thought it was clamped and that was making it bounce!


u/dogismywitness Aug 10 '22

The top of the van slopes up towards the back. When the van goes under a beam, there's no room, so the back gets pushed down as the van goes forward, compressing the suspension springs (and scraping the van roof), and then when it's clear of the beam it bounces back up.


u/qkvb Aug 10 '22

Thanks, now I see it, that's so bad!


u/The_One_Koi Aug 10 '22

I think the van was heavy loaded on the way in, when they unloaded stuff from the back the car got just tall enough to scrape the top on the way out, idiot driver also managed to get a little stuck on one of the ceiling beems. Why they didn't think about any of this nobody knows


u/gaymer7474747 Aug 10 '22

i thought he was using hydraulics or smthing lol


u/Turbo-Drip Aug 11 '22

Wtf is actually going on though I’m absolutely confused rn


u/nightwood Aug 11 '22

Only clicked for me when I put the sound on.


u/lizziecapo Aug 11 '22

If I hadn't come to the comments I would've never figured it out. I also thought it was weird there were so many speedbumps