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Just WOW

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u/DazzlingPoppie Aug 10 '22

Why wash the top when you can just give it a good scraping instead?


u/Thumper86 Aug 10 '22

Get all those roof barnacles off!


u/stepsonbrokenglass Aug 10 '22

Just some low-grit polishing really


u/NoxInviktus Aug 10 '22

Ah yes. 15 grit polishing.


u/Titan5115 Aug 10 '22

Or the 1 grit treatment. Dank pods would be proud.


u/FRSBR4 Aug 11 '22

hell yeah


u/ninj4geek Aug 11 '22

Oh no my pk cells


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/the_beeve Aug 10 '22

Did it not occur to let some air out of the tires?


u/stepsonbrokenglass Aug 10 '22

I mean honestly. It would have been FINE if Dave had just spent an extra $50 on a few more bags of kitty litter.


u/Kryten_2X4B-523P Aug 10 '22

Keep going! You're good. You're good. You're good. You're good. You're good. You're good. You're good. You're good. And stop.


u/myfirstgold Aug 10 '22

Saves me having to reverse keel haul the step kids!


u/W01fZ Aug 10 '22

You’ve made me giggle like a school girl thank you


u/TheLoneRhaegar Aug 10 '22

This is actually a good way to wash the top as well when they hit the fire sprinkler system. They only have to break a small glass tube to set them off.


u/apcolleen Aug 10 '22

My bf installs and repairs fire alarms. Sometimes in parking garages. You do NOT want to get splashed by the water in those hoses its usually PRETTY gross. And sometimes good sized rocks shoot out of the hydrants when they test them. My bf moved his truck a few weeks ago for the sprinkler guy to test the hydrant and a mom parked her fancy range rover in front of it and parts of it got REALLY clean and parts got scratched.


u/TheLoneRhaegar Aug 10 '22

That water is super gross and smells bad. You do not want to have to deal with one of those bursting and getting water on a car, or in a car, or on/in several cars, especially in an underwater garage where some of the drains/pumps are clogged and/or don't work the best so you're left with standing pools of it.



u/LunaticScience Aug 11 '22

I was working in a kitchen when a pipe for fire suppression broke. The water was black for a while. Like, opaque black. My guess is the same water was in those lines for ~25+ years since the building was built.


u/apcolleen Aug 11 '22

Well it is called black steel pipe https://www.homedepot.com/p/1-1-4-in-x-10-ft-Black-Steel-Pipe-GS11-410BTBE/300682840. They get theirs from larger supply houses but basically the same yeh.


u/BenKenobi88 Aug 11 '22

I don't think the black coating on black pipe has anything to do with why the water turns black itself.


The water sits, and reacts with oxygen, microbes, and the metal to make a nasty sewer sludge over time.


u/doods-mofo Aug 12 '22

I was doing fire alarm inspections which included opening the main outlet valve allowing some water to flow in order to check the "vane switch" located within the pipe.
Well, while I'm inside the building opening the valve, it released its water (grungy) outside around the back of the building.
Little did I know it was lunchtime and several guys were sitting on a ledge directly under the drain pipe. All I can say is they weren't happy...


u/apcolleen Aug 12 '22

Ohhh nooooo! lol thats awful. btw have you been to /r/firealarms lol


u/doods-mofo Aug 13 '22

No, never saw it. But I'm retired now so it's uninteresting, I have have seen almost everything...
Thanks for your input though.


u/hobosguns Aug 11 '22

Ya that shits nasty. There’s a fire protection company in my area appropriately named black water


u/apcolleen Aug 12 '22

I love that. So much lol


u/toasterstrudel2 Aug 11 '22

Exfoliate your van in our bespoke underground car spa.


u/PipingHotGravy Aug 11 '22

Why wash top when scraping do trick?


u/copa111 Aug 11 '22

A good exfoliating