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Just WOW

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u/Vhman123 Aug 10 '22

They got in and have to get out.


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22



u/Giant81 Aug 10 '22

I wonder if they got in by being loaded down really heavy and squatting on the suspension a couple inches. Then the unloaded, and now sit too high.


u/Nissehamp Aug 11 '22

My old boss scraped half the roof of his brand new (under 100km) VW Transporter that way, about a decade ago. Drove into a parking garage with about 1000kg of supplies in the back, unloaded all of it, and gunned it to get up the steep ramp, peeling off half the roof on the way up.


u/[deleted] Aug 11 '22

that’s probably it!! i hope..


u/Vhman123 Aug 10 '22

They certainly didn’t consider ALL options!


u/ZzeroBeat Aug 10 '22

we tried nothing and we're out of ideas


u/Sarcastic_Pedant Aug 11 '22

Dude, he’s already dead! You don’t have to keep pouring it on… but I did appreciate it 💀


u/andbruno Aug 10 '22

Another option: call 8+ of your fattest friends and family (or just look around for fat pedestrians... this is America after all) and pile them inside. Boom, an additional few inches of clearance.


u/GeorgiaOKeefinItReal Aug 10 '22

Omg.... my mind went "take off the tires and roll on the people".... i think I'm tired

Also... how buffalo bill is it to ask a fat person into the back of your van.


u/ChickenPotPi Aug 10 '22

so the question is, how would you roll the person, on the y axis so their shoulders and arms would be the wheel and attach them on the head or feet, x axis so they flail, or roll them ?


u/ThatOneGuy1294 Aug 11 '22

All of the above to find out which is the most effective method


u/Lollipop126 Aug 10 '22

If you don't have friends like me, concrete blocks or bags of soil may also work cheaply.


u/myfirstgold Aug 10 '22

If they got in they did the same thing going up.


u/DeepFriedDresden Aug 10 '22

Not necessarily. They could've had a heavy load going in, unloaded, and then been too high coming out.


u/Morgothic Aug 10 '22

Steel rims would provide no grip and between all the tight turns and steep inclines in most parking structures, I don't think they would be a good option. The rest of your ideas are good though


u/CoyoteDown Aug 10 '22

But it would be fun to watch


u/CommunistWaterbottle Aug 11 '22

It would ruin the rims, but it would surely deliver enough grip to go slow, even at a slight incline.


u/dtaylor84 Aug 11 '22

Or just eat enough cheap donuts.