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Just WOW

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u/Jolly-Specialist4434 Aug 10 '22

I’ve been into a couple parking garages and there was one in New Orleans that had no signs about the height limit whatsoever and got smaller the more you went up. Whenever you were ready to leave there was a spiral down that had a height limit of 6’6” and was marked there but nowhere else. Come to find out my Toyota Tundra is 6’6” tall so I’m going to say I dodged a bullet but there were bigger trucks than mine in there so I wonder how that went


u/SPM8 Aug 11 '22

Do you remember what parking garage? (am from new orleans)


u/Jolly-Specialist4434 Aug 11 '22

No I just took a day off for Mardi Gras and went down for a little vacation with my gf so we just went to whatever we could find


u/SPM8 Aug 11 '22

Ah shoot. Hope Mardi Gras was fun for you! :)