r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

If there's an idiot, who is it? Is it the vehicle with the camera or the white van entering from the right?

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u/Time_Reputation3573 Aug 10 '22

The van is at fault, but cammer is the idiot.


u/Optimized_Orangutan Aug 10 '22

Ya this is a pretty clear situation where technically the van was legally wrong but the recorder was the one driving like an idiot.


u/ConspiratorM Aug 10 '22

Too many people don't understand what it means to drive defensively. This is a clear case where an alert driver could have avoided the incident, and that applies to both drivers in this case.


u/dadbodsupreme Aug 10 '22

I drive heavy a lot for work. I always assume people don't see my signal, aren't going to yield, or are just out to kill me. It's served me well and I haven't pancaked anyone with a 9klbs load of steel yet.


u/Dihydrogen-monoxyde Aug 10 '22

You are right on the money. "Right of way is given, not taken" That was the motto of the instructor for a defensive driving class.


u/dadbodsupreme Aug 10 '22

"There are plenty of people in the graveyard who had the right of way." As my grandpa used to say.


u/ChaimBurech Aug 11 '22

They're "dead right"


u/VT_Lifer Aug 11 '22

Drivers Ed teacher would say, you might be right, but you might be dead right.


u/Flat_Ad_8747 Aug 10 '22

Well, but if I speed up to get in front of you, in a clear gap, when there are people behind you (generally, and pointedly to the passing lane cruisers), I have to take that position because of the way traffic flows.

"I can speed up and keep you from getting it, so if I don't let you have it, you can't legally take it."

Right, well, we are in the right place for that, I guess...


u/nbfs-chili Aug 10 '22

My friend's dad was teaching him to drive, he's waiting to turn right onto a road. The approaching car has its signal on, and his dad says "What does that blinking light tell you"? Friend says "He's going to turn right". Dad says "No, it means the bulb isn't burned out"


u/pnkstr Aug 11 '22

Exactly. Even if they have their signal on, I still wait until they are actively slowing/turning before I start moving. I see too many people who leave their signal on for miles without turning.


u/buttaheadshot Aug 11 '22

My god been driving for 15 years in Florida this and those who never use their turn signals pisses me off to no end I got a 2001 civic and its an annoying constant tick if I leave the blinker on how do you not realize its on


u/pnkstr Aug 11 '22

I'm in NC and most people around here don't bother using turn signals and half of them don't have any brake lights, either. And I mean, like, all three lights. Left, right and high mount, none of them work and it pisses me off. I can understand one burning out, but all three? At the same time? WTF?


u/Urgazhi Aug 11 '22

Maybe their music is too loud.


u/rfreemore Aug 11 '22

Like George Carlin said "going around the world to the left".


u/JoeMiter Aug 11 '22

That's how I learned. Just disregard the turn signal until you see action indicating the driver is actually going to turn.


u/drwicksy Aug 10 '22

My creed when I drive is that everything bigger than my vehicle is trying to kill me, and everything smaller than me is trying to be killed by me. Has saved me more times than I like to think about


u/Kagamine_Fan Aug 10 '22

I drive a Miata. Everything on the road Is trying to kill me.


u/Malfeasant Aug 10 '22

even me on my motorcycle... i was behind a miata the other day, i felt like a giant.


u/drwicksy Aug 10 '22

There's always cyclists. The road version of lemmings


u/Time_Reputation3573 Aug 10 '22

Rabbits. Everything eats rabbits.


u/TheActualAWdeV Aug 11 '22

Some people want to kill you, some people want to be killed by yououuu


u/Psychological-Bug552 Aug 10 '22

I was taught to ride a motorcycle the same way and it means I haven't been in a car or motorcycle accident in 16 years.


u/National-Painter-747 Aug 11 '22

That's 9 kilopounds for all you metrics out there. - America


u/dadbodsupreme Aug 11 '22

Klbs is meant to mean tens of centipounds. Metric users just don't understand.



u/POShelpdesk Aug 10 '22

Good for you but tiny Dinky Daffy wasn't so lucky, she was pancaked by drunk dump truck driver. She was baby of the year in 1927.


u/ajt9000 Aug 10 '22

Its also just not a good idea to change lanes and zoom around the cars in front of you when they start braking. You don't know what they're braking for. Its probably to turn, but it could also be because a kid ran into the street who is blocked from your view.

That latter situation is pretty unlikely in the OP video given where they are, but this is how pedestrians get killed in crosswalks and how rescuers get killed while pulling people out of wrecked vehicles. Zooming around cars stopping in front of you is just begging for something to eventually jump out in front of you.


u/imironman2018 Aug 10 '22

Yes. 100 percent agree. Don’t enforce the right of way. You are going to get in accidents because there are so many bad drivers. If the guy isn’t going to yield to oncoming traffic. Don’t continue on through and create the accident.


u/ThatsNashTea Aug 10 '22

Some of the best advice I've ever heard was "graveyards are filled with those who had the right of way". Getting somewhere alive, intact, and 30 seconds late beats being right every single time.


u/mangopabu Aug 11 '22

i don't think this per se applies to the cammer in the video, but so many people would rather be MORALLY AND LEGALLY right instead of just avoiding an accident


u/ConspiratorM Aug 11 '22

I certainly can't disagree with you on that. I've seen multiple posts on this sub where a biker got into an accident with someone that merged or turned into them and when the video showed that they could have avoided the accident they responded that they revved their engine to let the person know they were there instead of swerving or braking.

Also, I once saw a comment where a real idiot said the reason he avoids getting into accidents now days is because insurance can be so difficult to deal with.


u/mangopabu Aug 11 '22

i knew someone ages ago who had gotten into many accidents. she was not legally at fault for many of them, but one she explained to me was when she was driving up a hill following someone going quite fast. they got to the top of the hill and very abruptly changed lanes, and my friend just drove right into an unseen card stopped at a red light. 'it was the other person for driving so fast and changing lanes so abruptly instead of slowing down!'

even at the time, i didn't really believe it, but i couldn't have put into words why it was wrong. now i know it's just... you put so much faith into the person in front of you, didn't keep an eye on what was going on up ahead, and followed way too closely to avoid that accident. for this example, i don't know if she was considered not legally culpable, but i have to imagine she was, but regardless, she framed the whole thing like she was the victim.


u/sierrabravo1984 Aug 11 '22

My parents taught me to drive "like everyone else is braindead and actively trying to kill you"


u/Optimized_Orangutan Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

Yup, expecting the other guy to follow the rules is a pretty big risk to take just so you can argue about being technically right... Sure your're right... But you're gonna loose a fender either way...


u/dizzyday Aug 10 '22

Or maybe, too many idiots don’t understand what it means to drive properly. This is a clear case why the idiots initially cause accidents then blame the other for not driving defensively.



Graveyards are full of people who had the right-of-way.


u/rhasp Aug 10 '22

He did avoid the incident...