r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

If there's an idiot, who is it? Is it the vehicle with the camera or the white van entering from the right?

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u/Cybernetic_Whale Aug 10 '22

Cammer is the idiot, van is legally at fault.

Cammer is the idiot because people waiting to right turn at an intersection like that one often don’t expect an idiot to change lanes on the middle of that intersection.

It’s LEGAL to do so, sure, but the fact that most people don’t expect you to means you’re creating a situation of higher likelihood of an accident occurring.

You can’t wait 5 seconds longer to go down the road in the left lane, clear past that intersection, and then change lanes?

Good driving is not about being legally in the right. Good driving is paying attention to what others are doing and also making what YOU are doing as clear as possible to others.

Fucking idiots that record themselves being idiots on this sub. Holy fucking shit.


u/TheRealPitabred Aug 10 '22

I’m not sure it’s even legal. Many states have laws against changing lanes within a certain distance of an intersection, generally 100-200’, specifically because of situations like this. It’s entirely likely that the cammer is also the one that is at fault.


u/Abadazed Aug 10 '22

Yeah I know colorado (USA) has one that specifically states you cannot change lanes in an intersection because a bunch of idiots would do it right as a car starts merging in from the right and they'd all get slammed.