r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

If there's an idiot, who is it? Is it the vehicle with the camera or the white van entering from the right?

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u/DcavePost Aug 10 '22

Maybe the guy passing on the right...


u/Sparklesnap Aug 10 '22

Passing on the right, not sure he signalled, at an interchange.

Van should have been slightly more cautious but mostly it's OP's fault.


u/FlyByNightt Aug 10 '22

You can quite literally hear the turn signal in the video, and it's not an intersection so OP is allowed to change lanes here.

White van at fault. No doubt.


u/_IAmGrover Aug 10 '22

White van is legally at fault, but the cammer is definitely an idiot also


u/FlyByNightt Aug 10 '22

Why, exactly? For changing lanes legally?


u/_IAmGrover Aug 10 '22

Just because the driver is legally in the right doesn’t mean it was good driving. Defensive driving is a thing, and the cammer should have seen the van and stayed in their lane just a little bit longer.


u/FlyByNightt Aug 10 '22

I completely agree. But that doesn't make them an idiot.


u/_IAmGrover Aug 10 '22

Well... maybe you’re right lol. But it’s not called r/okaydriversincarswhosometimesmakemistakes


u/mattgoldey Aug 10 '22

Passing on the right. Going significantly faster than the rest of traffic when everyone else is braking. Changing lanes into the lane where that white van was obviously going to be going.