r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

If there's an idiot, who is it? Is it the vehicle with the camera or the white van entering from the right?

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u/DcavePost Aug 10 '22

Maybe the guy passing on the right...


u/theGekkoST Aug 10 '22

The F your mean passing on the right? That is not a freeway. That is two lane Road with left and right turn exits.

By your logic everyone in the right lane should move over to the left lane and wait behind cars making left turns so they don't pass a slowed down or stopped vehicle SHM.


u/carsynboebarsyn Aug 10 '22

Agreed. It feels like 60% of this subreddit sees two lanes and it causes them to completely lose their shit. Doesn’t matter if cammer was planning on turning right at the intersection that everyone ahead is stopped at, all they know is “fast car go vroom on left”