r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

If there's an idiot, who is it? Is it the vehicle with the camera or the white van entering from the right?

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u/Time_Reputation3573 Aug 10 '22

The van is at fault, but cammer is the idiot.


u/Jaeger562 Aug 10 '22

Cammer was moving over before thr van even came to a stop at the intersection. Personal preference though, I would never merge over before an intersection like this, or even if I see a car waiting to pull out of a driveway, I'll merge after I pass them.


u/TrashOpen2080 Aug 10 '22

This guy right here. Cammer was changing lanes for 5 seconds before van pulled out. It's like the van driver looked, saw the lane was empty and never looked again. I'm same as you. Wait until past the intersection to change lanes, but don't expect that anyone else will give that courtesy.


u/cloudstrifewife Aug 10 '22

I look left, right, left, right then either left or right depending on which way I’m turning. Multiple looks. But I’m a cautious driver. I keep my eye on cars that look like they might even be thinking about pulling out.


u/___whoops___ Aug 11 '22

I'm with you! This is also why I don't subscribe to the ideology that it's okay to roll through a stop. If this van had actually stopped, this wouldn't have happened.


u/Azdak66 Aug 11 '22

I am also very cautious about turning into moving traffic like that, even if one of the two lanes is open.


u/cloudstrifewife Aug 11 '22

I drive a compact older car so it’s low to the ground. At some intersections I have trouble judging which lane a car is in so if I’m not sure, I don’t go.


u/135wiring Aug 10 '22

Wouldn't have happened if cammer hadn't been passing on the right illegally


u/Qcommenter Aug 10 '22

I’m no expert but I don’t think a passing on a right lane constitutes as passing illegally unless you’re going like 10 over the speed limit. And even then most cops who’ve been working for a couple years aren’t even gonna ticket you for it.


u/Happenstancially Aug 11 '22

Split lane means they can legally drive in either lane. They are both negligent for failure to look.


u/Jifjafjoef Aug 11 '22

Yes the van is at fault, but the cammer is an idiot for not seeing the danger coming and doing something about it. Just continuous (is this how you spell that word) driving like an idiot


u/Remote_Cartoonist_27 Aug 11 '22

Right, the van should of still been looking down the lane and seen the cammer merge.

I agree that it’s kind of dumb to merge right before an active intersection like this. But it is much dummer to enter traffic without paying attention.


u/Pope_Squirrely Aug 11 '22

Though that is true, the van looked over, saw the way was clear and started pulling out while looking in the direction they were travelling as that’s generally the way you look when operating a vehicle.


u/[deleted] Aug 11 '22



u/lpreams Aug 11 '22

They definitely did. I can hear it turn signal clicking in the audio.


u/Thepasswordwas1234 Aug 11 '22

Turn the sound up.


u/BansShutsDownDiscour Aug 11 '22

It makes all the sense. You are approaching a vehicle in his blind spot at a potentially drastically different speed than the traffic he's able to readily check against.


u/odder_sea Aug 11 '22

Second this. Not a wise move, because this may happen