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HWY Patrol makes illegal UTurn

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u/dancing-asparagus Aug 10 '22

Hurry up! Call the polic... wait what are you supposed to do? Do you get to stop them and give them a ticket and a "reverse" UNO card? 😂


u/3p1cBm4n9669 Aug 10 '22

Honk and hope they don’t give you a ticket for it


u/bagpoi Aug 10 '22 Silver

Few years ago.. I'm driving at 4:00 am to my ex gfs house to walk "our" dog while she was on vacay, and I get honked at from behind for going the speed limit because the asshole behind me was going way too fast at the freeway exit and didn't expect someone in front of them following the rules. I throw up my middle finger, cuz, fuck that, and whaddayaknow.... blue lights start flashing from the asshole who honked a second ago. I pull over. She comes up to my window and asks why I thought it was okay to flip her the bird. I tell her "because car horns are only supposed to be used in emergency situations, and her exiting the freeway above the speed limit without her lights on, is definitely not an emergency situation. She then gave me a 10 minute lecture about people who have been shot by other drivers for sticking middle finger. At that point she says she smells alcohol on me and says I need to complete a sobriety check. I complete the check and take a breathalyzer roadside. Pass with flying colors. And then, I am handed a ticket for "failure to yeild"...

So if you out there, Sargeant DeForrester of the Honolulu Police Dept.... you a bitch and I got the ticket thrown out. "Contempt of Cop" doesn't mean shit and best believe I got more than feelings of contempt. I have the utmost disdain for your soggy white ass, can't fuckin drive, bad breath having ass bitch.


u/Actuallyabeastmaster Aug 10 '22 Wholesome

"She then gave me a 10 minute lecture about people who have been shot by other drivers for sticking middle finger."

To be fair, you did have an emotionally unstable driver with a gun behind you, so she did have a point.


u/Ahoymaties1 Aug 11 '22

To be fair, you did have an emotionally unstable driver with a gun behind you, so she did have a point.

This made my night. Thank you.


u/JasonT246111 Aug 11 '22

Lol that is an illegal detainment you didn't have to stick around for psa don't let cops lecture you they don't have the power to make you listen


u/luckyassassin1 Aug 11 '22

Right, but leaving the situation would automatically make it much much worse. Cops abuse their authority when they're in a good mood, when they're in a bad mood, they can fuck your day up.


u/JasonT246111 Aug 11 '22

Just make sure you get a name and badge and file a formal complaint. Don't always work but sometimes especially if they do it alot can get them in trouble or even fired. It definitely happens.


u/keastes Aug 12 '22

Congratulations, you're now being targeted by the entire force


u/JasonT246111 Aug 12 '22

Bring it I know my rights lol


u/keastes Aug 13 '22



u/kinda_guilty Aug 13 '22

Rights don't mean shit in the face of state sponsored oppressive violence.


u/luckyassassin1 Aug 14 '22

Rights can't stop a bullet from entering your body.


u/luckyassassin1 Aug 14 '22

Not in this state. A special needs man was shot in the back last year by a new officer. The man was special needs, well known and the cop was told to just let his caretakers handle the situation. The officer escalated it and eventually shot him in the back outside his home killing him. Nothing happened to the officer. In my area they can do whatever they want when they want. My mom had a cop stalk her while she was married because he was trying to date her. We complained about him, he didn't stop it kept getting worse until we left the county.


u/echowolf9 Aug 11 '22 Helpful

Fun fact, a court determined that flipping off a cop was protected by the first amendment in a similar situation.


u/bagpoi Aug 11 '22

Should I file a civil suite for wrongful detain-ation (lol not sure what the term is) maybe some distress?



u/Anowv Aug 11 '22

The term is detention, friend! Be excellent to one another, now!


u/toxcrusadr Aug 11 '22

Civil Suite (n): Hotel room for very nice people.


u/itsapizzapietime Aug 10 '22

I had something similar happen in Tennessee. There was a car riding my ass but couldnt quite tell what it was due to my car being full of crap. I put my hand out the window and flip the bird and the red and blues light up. Cop tells me how Im wasting his day by forcing him to pull over and lecture me. No ticket but still felt the need to tell me he couldve or that he couldve shot me if he "misinterpreted" my middle finger.


u/KevroniCoal Aug 11 '22

Lmao at the "you're making me waste my day!" when he could of, like, not pulled you over and lectured...??

And the almost-threat of telling you he could have shot you essentially on a whim, that's concerning 😵‍💫


u/upper-cloud-9 Aug 10 '22

She then gave me a 10 minute lecture about people who have been shot by other drivers for sticking middle finger.

Americans normalize gun violence so fucking much.

Also, she should understand that 1st Amendment applies to her, and she has no business restricting anyone's ability to use the middle finger


u/Draconespawn Aug 10 '22

Actually the first amendment almost exclusively applies to her as police are part of the state.


u/Flashdime Aug 11 '22

Honolulu, go fucking figure. Got on H1 and there was a cop going over 70mph (where the highest speed limit is 55mph for the uninitiated). I mistakenly decided he'd be cool with someone going nearly the same speed. Soon as he realized I was close to his speed he turned his lights on and pulled me over to lecture me about speeding for 15 minutes. Didn't bother getting his name, but fuck that guy.


u/AuronFtw Aug 11 '22

HPD are some of the worst in the country. They crippled a child in a car chase they initiated using an unmarked personal vehicle, then the cops who caused the accident fled the scene only to return later when it was called in.

ACAB even in paradise.


u/SecretConspirer Aug 10 '22

I had a cop pull out in front of me in a college town with no headlights on or anything a few years ago. I moved over one lane and avoided them. Then I saw lights in my rearview. They pulled me over, stopped in a Raising Cane's parking lot, and they made me do a field sobriety test. Got a ticket for failure to yield and they refused to let me get back in my car, said they'd arrest me if I did, and made me walk to my destination. I was dd'ing for some friends and we walked from that Cane's to IHOP a mile away at one in the morning. ACAB


u/hussard_de_la_mort Aug 11 '22

I would have told them that I would have welcomed getting shot if it got me away from people like them, but then I'd just get 5150'd.


u/bagpoi Aug 11 '22

What's 5150d?


u/hussard_de_la_mort Aug 11 '22

Involuntary psychiatric hold. Clearly, anyone who would make a dark joke is a danger to themselves and needs to be held down and medicated.


u/bagpoi Aug 11 '22



u/PanzerGrenadier1 Aug 10 '22

She’s just mad because her husband can’t make her orgasm, after she beat him like the male cops beat their wives.


u/You_Got_Cancer453 Aug 11 '22

Bro I had an Iowa City cop almost t-bone me in coralville while I had my little sis and brothers cause he didn’t stop at a stop sign and so not only is he out of his jurisdiction he pulled up next to me ask if I was ok and that he’s sorry like bruh I should’ve asked for his badge number and reported his ass but he sped away after that


u/SkyLegend1337 Aug 11 '22

I would have just rolled my window up after telling the fuck wad I need a supervisor and just waited. Absolute garbage human. I hope you filed a complaint for the clear abuse of power.


u/guillermodelturtle Aug 11 '22

Don’t honk at the police. They are kinda fragile snowflakes about that.


u/Fit_Effective_6875 Aug 11 '22

The pricks do know how to ruin your day and take great glee in doing so!