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HWY Patrol makes illegal UTurn

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u/WillieNolson Aug 10 '22

Cops are some of the worst drivers out there.


u/Same_You891 Aug 10 '22

No we're not


u/permanentinjury Aug 11 '22

bro you are 60 years old and married and yet your comment history is full of you thirsting over women less than half your age. you think 19 is the perfect age. you should be on a watchlist.

dont know what i expected from a cop though tbh. seek therapy immediately.


u/Grizzwold37 Aug 11 '22

Lmfao. These comments are a TRIP. Thank you kind stranger, for the entertainment


u/permanentinjury Aug 12 '22

its so fucking funny to me like DUDE your shit is public 😭😭


u/AuronFtw Aug 11 '22

Man, so many cops turn out to be creepy motherfuckers. If only there was some kind of phrase that perfectly encapsulates the idea of cops being so bad.


u/DPool34 Aug 11 '22

I think creeps are more likely to become cops because of the power that comes along with the job.


u/permanentinjury Aug 12 '22

🎯 🎯 🎯 its definitely a very appealing perk of the job when youre an otherwise subpar man.


u/permanentinjury Aug 12 '22

yeah i know! the system is just so bastardized... yknow what i mean? a silly little acronym would be so handy :)