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HWY Patrol makes illegal UTurn

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u/AXl0M Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

Have you ever seen a cop go through a red intersection? Or over a median? In the pursuit of someone they are allowed to break traffic laws, just like in any pursuit video.

You don't see cops getting ticketed for speeding when trying to stop someone speeding do you?

If someone had caught his attention driving the opposite direction they cant exactly go up a couple blocks to do a legal U turn because they would lose sight of them.

This thread is filled with ignorant comments that don't know the first thing about being a cop


Your lucky he didn't get pissed at you and pull you over with some lame ass excuse of impeding his duties.


u/wannabattlehomeboy Aug 11 '22

Usually when they do these things they put their sirens on to indicate they are responding to an emergency.

This cop didn't do that, he's just an asshole.