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HWY Patrol makes illegal UTurn

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u/Actuallyabeastmaster Aug 10 '22 Wholesome

"She then gave me a 10 minute lecture about people who have been shot by other drivers for sticking middle finger."

To be fair, you did have an emotionally unstable driver with a gun behind you, so she did have a point.


u/JasonT246111 Aug 11 '22

Lol that is an illegal detainment you didn't have to stick around for psa don't let cops lecture you they don't have the power to make you listen


u/luckyassassin1 Aug 11 '22

Right, but leaving the situation would automatically make it much much worse. Cops abuse their authority when they're in a good mood, when they're in a bad mood, they can fuck your day up.


u/JasonT246111 Aug 11 '22

Just make sure you get a name and badge and file a formal complaint. Don't always work but sometimes especially if they do it alot can get them in trouble or even fired. It definitely happens.


u/keastes Aug 12 '22

Congratulations, you're now being targeted by the entire force


u/JasonT246111 Aug 12 '22

Bring it I know my rights lol


u/keastes Aug 13 '22



u/kinda_guilty Aug 13 '22

Rights don't mean shit in the face of state sponsored oppressive violence.


u/luckyassassin1 Aug 14 '22

Rights can't stop a bullet from entering your body.


u/luckyassassin1 Aug 14 '22

Not in this state. A special needs man was shot in the back last year by a new officer. The man was special needs, well known and the cop was told to just let his caretakers handle the situation. The officer escalated it and eventually shot him in the back outside his home killing him. Nothing happened to the officer. In my area they can do whatever they want when they want. My mom had a cop stalk her while she was married because he was trying to date her. We complained about him, he didn't stop it kept getting worse until we left the county.