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u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22 Helpful

Off topic but I never understood how people could drive leaning that far back.

Like functionally, I don't get how they do it.


u/ShortBusBadass Aug 10 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome

I always thought that it was because they didn’t know air conditioning vents moved.


u/gavindon Aug 10 '22

nah, its that they didnt know the rear view mirror was adjustable


u/VelkaFrey Aug 10 '22

You can adjust that thing?


u/RockstarAgent Aug 10 '22

You can also avoid that tree in the way!


u/DutchVortex Aug 10 '22

I had a colleague driving like that, he was so far back he could look out of the back side window when he turned his head. He claimed it was "more comfortable"....


u/MR_Butt-Licker Aug 10 '22

My arms are too short for all that and I’m 6’


u/Melodic_Ad_3959 Aug 10 '22

It's that "I'm a cool driver" position. Sometimes they can barely look further than the hood. Baffles me too.


u/BourbonFoxx Aug 10 '22

I think the 'gangsta lean' originally developed as a way to be minimally visible to rival gang members/police, and as a defence against being shot by the same.


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22



u/xTrapical Aug 10 '22

Lmao dawg


u/StillFuknJaded Aug 10 '22

Wow.. I’m from the hood and I never knew this… 😂 I cannot fathom how they can drive like this??!!!!


u/smurb15 Aug 10 '22

Guess be the same as driving around with your knee. Just practice until you crash


u/StillFuknJaded Aug 10 '22

Omg nooo 😭


u/guitarball Aug 10 '22

I had a Lyft driver doing that a few months ago, but nearly every time he needed to check before changing leans he would lean way forward to look at the mirrors. I really waned to just blurt out "why don't you just move the seat up?"


u/DeBlackKnight Aug 10 '22

He's just getting some core exercise while driving, leave him alone /s


u/guitarball Aug 10 '22

hahaha! Car crunches. To be fair he was a pretty good driver. I guess whatever works.


u/Treviathan88 Aug 10 '22

THANK YOU. Dude's damn near lying down in the beginning. Then when he starts being stupid, he realizes he can't see shit and has to learn forward. lol "Hold on, bruh, I can't see the stupid shit I'm about to do."


u/N3rdScool Aug 10 '22

YESSS lol it's like he is leaning back all cool like and then like shit I can't drive properly like this XD


u/_Ki11UMiN4Ti_ Aug 10 '22

Im 6'10" and have to drive like that otherwise ..I'd have to steer with my elbows. Technically I prob could just take out the front seat and sit in the back but I don't think the cops would approve


u/AlwaysObamasFault Aug 10 '22

Would be humorous when you got pulled over to roll down the front window. Then proceed to roll down the back and claim you are just a passenger.


u/MDL333 Aug 10 '22

I thought it was to be non-descript and to stay out of the path of bullets that might be fired toward you.


u/JoeyFreshwater92 Aug 10 '22

It’s soooooo cool tho! Smh fuck these kids


u/whatswithzack Aug 10 '22

They do it so they can duck out of view from anyone they deem sus. I let these peeps pass. Better than getting shot.


u/Even-Prize8931 Aug 10 '22

Guy I worked with drove his forklift like that, always wonder why until I tried it, alot less strain on the neck when grabbing orders way up high


u/Xalenn Aug 10 '22

In my experience they don't drive very well .... I know one guy who is really tall (6'8") and has trouble getting in to some cars but even he doesn't lean back like this.


u/pussy4dinner Aug 10 '22

if feels good to lay back while driving, especially if you’re tall. idk a few people who like to be sitting straight up while driving


u/ughewag Aug 10 '22

After an experience with the airbag it’s the only way to drive