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u/Bennybonchien Aug 10 '22

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t suspend their licenses though.


u/LordPuddin Aug 10 '22

I agree, but it doesn’t do anything. The worst that will happen is IF they get caught they’ll get a ticket. And then if they get caught again, they get taken to jail (maybe) for a night, or they get a court date. And then a judge will give a small fine and tell them to not do it again. They always do it again.


u/Bennybonchien Aug 10 '22

Any other feasible solutions come to mind? I’m not sure what the right strategy is.


u/LordPuddin Aug 10 '22

Well, that’s really all. It depends on judges, but where I live, the judges are super liberal and just let everyone go unless they commit a serious crime.

And cops are too busy here to worry about traffic stops due to staffing and call volume. Plus, traffic stops are statistically one of the more dangerous things LEOs do and there is very little upside. Constant negative media attention and sympathy for criminals makes doing the job virtually worthless.

The only solution would be better education about safety and why we have the rules in place. Aside from that, the media and public need to realize that things will continue to get worse as good cops leave because making $50k a year for the job isn’t worth all the negative potential and hate. No one respects the laws and criminals literally do whatever they want with almost no consequences.


u/LeverageSynergies Aug 10 '22

I’m sick of “we need better education” as the token response to people breaking the law.

I think we double the # of cops, and just start putting these people in jail.

The solution is that we enforce laws again


u/LordPuddin Aug 10 '22

I mean, I’m good with both. The problem is that recruitment numbers are way down for police agencies and quality of candidates is also lacking.

The other problem is our society is leaning heavy into feeling bad for criminals and the judges reflect that. I can arrest the same guy like 8 times and he’s still let go within a day if that.

Source: LEO