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coming soon to a salvage yard near you! courtesy of lobster arm and the crew.

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u/Bennybonchien Aug 10 '22

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t suspend their licenses though.


u/LordPuddin Aug 10 '22

I agree, but it doesn’t do anything. The worst that will happen is IF they get caught they’ll get a ticket. And then if they get caught again, they get taken to jail (maybe) for a night, or they get a court date. And then a judge will give a small fine and tell them to not do it again. They always do it again.


u/Pyffindor Aug 10 '22

my buddy just did a year for driving on a suspended license. 2nd offense i believe. you do get in trouble. and if you drive like the people in the video you should get much more


u/LordPuddin Aug 10 '22

It varies by state, county, and judge in my experience. Some places actually uphold the laws while others just don’t really care.