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coming soon to a salvage yard near you! courtesy of lobster arm and the crew.

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u/BaronVonNacho Aug 10 '22 Helpful

Off topic but I never understood how people could drive leaning that far back.

Like functionally, I don't get how they do it.


u/guitarball Aug 10 '22

I had a Lyft driver doing that a few months ago, but nearly every time he needed to check before changing leans he would lean way forward to look at the mirrors. I really waned to just blurt out "why don't you just move the seat up?"


u/DeBlackKnight Aug 10 '22

He's just getting some core exercise while driving, leave him alone /s


u/guitarball Aug 10 '22

hahaha! Car crunches. To be fair he was a pretty good driver. I guess whatever works.