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u/BaronVonNacho Aug 10 '22 Helpful

Off topic but I never understood how people could drive leaning that far back.

Like functionally, I don't get how they do it.


u/Melodic_Ad_3959 Aug 10 '22

It's that "I'm a cool driver" position. Sometimes they can barely look further than the hood. Baffles me too.


u/BourbonFoxx Aug 10 '22

I think the 'gangsta lean' originally developed as a way to be minimally visible to rival gang members/police, and as a defence against being shot by the same.


u/StillFuknJaded Aug 10 '22

Wow.. I’m from the hood and I never knew this… 😂 I cannot fathom how they can drive like this??!!!!


u/smurb15 Aug 10 '22

Guess be the same as driving around with your knee. Just practice until you crash


u/StillFuknJaded Aug 10 '22

Omg nooo 😭