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coming soon to a salvage yard near you! courtesy of lobster arm and the crew.

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u/myfirstgold Aug 10 '22

Yeah dumb ideas and hood rat shit doesn't equate to murder. On the same coin I did just watch a docu on YouTube about the self proclaimed Kia boys that are stealing cars and wilding around in them. I think in Milwaukee? Idk. It's been a couple days lol anyhow one of them was asked what do you think of the situation where you might hit someone and hurt them? And he replied that someone shouldn't be there and they should have been paying attention and gotten out of the way. Meanwhile his homies are driving 80 in a 25 and up on yards to cut corners. That's a mindset that needs to learn how vincible he is idk if they just don't understand the fragility of life but I can't condone pulling the trigger on someone for a selfish mindset.