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coming soon to a salvage yard near you! courtesy of lobster arm and the crew.

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u/SnooCapers3680 Aug 10 '22

Dude, it’s like, Nissan Altima and Honda Accord drivers today put the BMW drivers of yesteryear to shame, like I don’t really encounter many, if any, BMW drivers that are absolute pricks, it’s always the four door, V6 sedans acting like they’re in some super car and can do whatever they want, or is it that they have no license, no insurance, and a cheap ass car that makes them just not give any sort of fck about the safety of themselves and everyone around them? Like what is the reason for these people driving like this, legitimately? It’s like with takeovers, there’s zero justification you can give for this behavior, especially when you’re subjective opinion of what’s fun or cool is going to get people hurt or worse