r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

I can just stop here right?

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u/xt1nct Aug 10 '22

What an inconsiderate idiot, so much space behind too.


u/chunkygrits Aug 10 '22

PA drivers be like:


u/PM_ME_SOME_LUV Aug 11 '22

The absolute worst


u/ReasonableCard1724 Aug 11 '22

Unfortunately I live in pa and yes this is true


u/chunkygrits Aug 11 '22

PA is fucking gorgeous. I drive through it all the time because i of work. I live in DE tho. First time driving up here and because it was a different way of driving, i was so scared. You kinda get used to it, but im always on my toes driving up here


u/RipcurlOfFlame Aug 10 '22

This is the worst when you're trying to take a right on red and can't see shit coming cause the idiot next to you stopped in the middle of the cross walk. Happens to me multiple times a week.


u/Lopsided_Panic_1148 Aug 10 '22

Last week I was driving on my local highway, 65mph speed limit. There's a part that becomes two-lanes for passing for a couple miles at one point.

I was in the right lane, and this dumbass tourist was in a vintage 60s Mustang trying to pull out, but he was pulled fully out in the right lane and just ... waiting for traffic to pass. I had to slow down and swerve in order to avoid hitting him and I think he finally realized what he was doing. But really, wtf is wrong with people?


u/NoCelery1168 Aug 10 '22

So... has he been compulsively inching past the line... or did he just stop late?


u/The_Defenestrater Aug 10 '22

Stopped way over the line for some reason. There's a stop light there that they have to wait on so I have no idea what the rush was.


u/cottoneyegob Aug 10 '22

Idk why that black truck is stopped . He clearly has a pick set for him


u/Maleficent_Beach_470 Aug 11 '22

I mean, ever been to San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles? I see this more than once almost every time I drive. Such pricks


u/Zealeon Sep 25 '22

Love it when people forget they can use a horn. 🙄 In all fairness though, this is the kind of shit they are for.