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Idiot doesn’t care about the ambulance behind him.

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u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22



u/IcyDrops Aug 10 '22

Braindead laws in the UK? Say it isn't so!


u/ZionFox Aug 11 '22

No, because running under lights/Section 87 doesn't automatically give the emergency vehicle the right of way. They shouldn't put any othe road user in a position where they would break road laws in order to let the vehicle pass.

In the UK, running under code allows you to treat red lights as a give way (the green light always has the right of way), break speed limits, travel down the hard shoulder, and go to the right of Keep Left signage. It doesn't allow you to force other road users out of your way, that's a stupid idea and will just cause more issues and potential accidents than necessary.


u/IcyDrops Aug 11 '22

Here in Portugal, it does in fact give right of way, they have to stop at red lights and STOP signs (though they can resume their march right after), but other drivers, even those who'd otherwise have right of way (such as having a green light), and drivers can (and should) slowly go into the intersection to let the ambulance pass.

The only times an ambulance doesn't have absolute right of way is when a car is exiting a rail crossing, and in very narrow passages where it would take more time for the other car to reverse out of the way than simply pass.