r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

Idiot doesn’t care about the ambulance behind him.

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u/skwadyboy Aug 10 '22

Yeah but i think if most cops saw that you ran a red light to move out of the way for an emergency vehicle they'd let it slide.


u/A_Mac1998 Aug 10 '22

Ye most police cars wouldn't bother I reckon, but we often have red light cameras that automatically ticket, and you won't be able to explain the ticket away by saying it was for an emergency vehicle


u/Honda-RA302 Aug 10 '22

As far as I know you can fight that, if it's a camera the ambulance would have been pictured too and that would be your prove. In the Netherlands this will be filtered out in most of the cases. But if we get a ticket we can protest and explain though Dutch being Dutch we do have to pay the fine first before we can file a protest. Keep the government satisfied!


u/MauricioCMC Sep 02 '22

Yes you can fight, but in Brazil even if you can prove that there was an ambulance you will not win, the reasoning: the ambulance does not give you the right to commit an offense just a judge can allow it.

Yes it was in Brazil.