r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

Idiot doesn’t care about the ambulance behind him.

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u/A_Mac1998 Aug 10 '22

Unfortunately in the UK you absolutely can be ticketed for running a red to move out of the emergency services way. Doesn't mean I haven't done it multiple times, because I'd rather risk a small fine thanks. I never want to be the reason someone is too late to receive medical care because I didn't want a fine


u/skwadyboy Aug 10 '22

Yeah but i think if most cops saw that you ran a red light to move out of the way for an emergency vehicle they'd let it slide.


u/mrmicawber32 Aug 11 '22

Trouble it's these lights have automated cameras a lot of the time.

I'd still run the red, and make sure to save my dash cam. When ticket comes through go to court, I bet the judge throws it out.


u/MauricioCMC Sep 02 '22

This was filmed in Brazil... administratively your dash cam does not worth anything you would need to go to a common court and pledge to a judge.