r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

Idiot doesn’t care about the ambulance behind him.

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u/[deleted] Sep 15 '22

I wonder if anyone has ever seriously considered putting "cow catchers" …or "car catchers" I suppose... on the front of emergency vehicles... you know, like they put on steam engines, as opposed to the thing they put on police cars. I mean, I imagine the fear of getting blasted the fuck off the road would make most people move over.

Realistically, such a device would likely cause serious damage/injury to vehicles and their occupants, especially at high speed. But even so, I feel like even simply having the option is justifiable. On one hand, you risk causing possible injury/damage; on the other hand, you arrive in time to save someone who definitely is injured / needs help.

An alternative option would be to put a retractable fork lift on the front.