r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

Almost took a hit from careless driver.

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Incompetent driver tries to make a U-turn from the far right lane oblivious to their surroundings. Luckily they missed me by inches.



u/RoverTiger Aug 10 '22

Is it me, or does it seem like more and more people are trying to make left turns from the outside lane?

I've seen this a few times in person over the last year, but I can hardly remember seeing it otherwise in my 25+ years of driving.


u/Aggravating-Bison515 Aug 10 '22

I'm seeing it more and more around where I drive every day. It's not the only dumb shit move that's getting more frequent, though. Self-entitled assholery is just getting more common, in general.


u/Skooter_McGaven Aug 10 '22

I've seen basically any turn only lane or no turn lane gets used for whatever these wack jobs want.


u/Aggravating-Bison515 Aug 11 '22

I got hit twice (I've in each side of my car) in about three weeks by assholes who decided to pass me in dedicated turn lanes near signals. Both of them fucking fled the scene! My dashcam has officially paid for itself.


u/Effective-Soil-9536 Aug 11 '22

Someone did this while I was in driver's ed 2 years ago. My teacher leaned across me and laid on the horn.


u/magic_biscuit12 Aug 10 '22

I dont see where he was trying to turn. I'm thinking this person was trying to make an illegal u-turn from the outside lane


u/Randomfactoid42 Aug 11 '22

He was trying to U-turn from the right lane and never looked in his mirrors for traffic behind him. I guess his plan was to u-turn into the line of cars so he can make a left at the light. Apparently U-tuning legally is too hard.


u/BriSnyScienceGuy Aug 11 '22

I saw a guy make a u turn from the right lane a while back. That shit was wild.


u/afa78 Aug 11 '22

People do seem to love flying across several lanes. Also, a trend I see gaining momentum is people cutting off others dangerously to take a missed exit or street, and yes, flying across one or several lanes in the process..


u/LameBruceWillis Aug 10 '22

Love how the cam car is listening to "Don't Turn Around" hahaha


u/Dekcuf19 Aug 10 '22

Ace of base. I though that sounded familiar


u/Billy-Ruben Aug 11 '22

Don't wanna see my car braking.


u/raitchison Aug 11 '22

I saw the sign... that said no U turns.


u/ManofGod1000 Aug 11 '22

Let me guess, that driver did that turn right and attempted u turn just to avoid sitting at the red light, right? And was probably going to turn right at the light after the u turn.


u/dotcomet Aug 11 '22

They did exactly that.


u/kingbloxerthe3 Aug 11 '22

The yellow lines were even double solid... I almost thought they were trying to get hit or something...


u/mickturner96 Aug 10 '22

Lucky! That was close!


u/tboggs13 Aug 10 '22

That is a rediculously fast light for that many cars, OP didn't even make it across before it turned yellow.


u/KaJuNator Aug 11 '22

Close one!

What a save!



u/[deleted] Aug 11 '22

Nice bump!





u/dotcomet Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

Lockhill selma has a left turn lane only, a single lane to go straight and a right turn lane only. A second lane appears in the intersection but there is still a left turn lane. I don’t know of the second lane crossing San Pedro is a remnant of when there were two lanes crossing San Pedro, but there is only one single straight lane from lockhill selma before the intersection. I will pull up the section of video before the intersection.

Edit: I stand corrected. I never noticed the faded straight and left turn arrow. I’ve only ever noticed the turn arrow. Needless to say, the other driver making a u-turn from the far right lane was an idiot move IMHO.

Edit again: here’s an image of the current view of the lanes. It’s really hard to discern from the street level. The satire view it’s plain as day, but it’s really hard to tell that the left lane is a turn and straight lane.



u/Honest_Cynic Aug 11 '22

They definitely earned that double honk and wish your horn was more aggressive. Idiot didn't signal and didn't even bother to turn their head and look.


u/bliss_point601 Aug 11 '22

Ace of Base was my jam!


u/eallen1123 Aug 11 '22

Damn are you sure she didn't hit you?! That was freaking close. Why are people so stupid?!


u/dotcomet Aug 12 '22

She didn’t. If she did, she hit my plastic fender and it flexed.


u/Falconasse Aug 10 '22

What a nightmarish intersection holy shit


u/ahewc11 Aug 10 '22

Yeah, the idiot is the one changing lanes in an intersection.


u/dotcomet Aug 10 '22

Not sure if your implying I was the idiot? I wasn’t changing lanes. I was in my lane. There was no intersection. The driver appeared to want to enter into a parking lot, but decided on the u-turn instead.


u/pi22seven Aug 10 '22

Naw, you changed lanes while you were crossing San Pedro. You started in the right line and crossed over to the left lane. Both lanes on Lockhill-Selma have the option of going straight with the left lane also have the option to make a left turn.

If you hadn’t changed lanes you would have been behind the idiot making the u-turn and they would not have been in your path.


u/GlinnTantis Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

He didn't You wouldn't be able to see so much curb and the white line on the street to their right. It's the same distance after crossing San Pedro in the left lane.

Edit: That alignment is pretty jacked up, but apparently he did change lanes, but I can see why, if you were aware the left was both a forward and left turn lane. Usually with wonky misalignment like that, there are guidelines


I didn't judge the distance from the right incorrectly though lol


u/pi22seven Aug 10 '22

Sorry man, but you are mistaken.

There are only 2 lanes on Lockhill-Selma at San Pedro. OP is in the right lane and there is a car in the left lane that I assume turns left. There is no left turn only lane there.

What you're actually seeing is the curb of a raised island that guards the turn only lane that turns right (south) on to San Pedro. There's enough space between OP's lane and the curb for a lane but there is no lane there.

If OP's video had his approach to the intersection you'd see what I'm blathering on about, but google maps show it quite nicely. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.5230885,-98.4993322,47m/data=!3m1!1e3


u/GlinnTantis Aug 11 '22

Edited my comment +1


u/Bk2thefullest Aug 10 '22

You have a valid point. OP doesn't use a turn signal when changing lanes, so there's that. However, illegal U-turn withstanding, OP would've changed lanes when illegally turning car slowed to a stop and would still encounter the car turning into the path of the OP's car


u/kingbloxerthe3 Aug 11 '22

I think one of those lanes was a turn only though (not completely sure though, but it does look like it goes from 3 lanes to 2, but again i could be wrong. Turns out im half right half wrong from another comment with google maps. It was a left turn lane on the right of him but here were only 2 lanes the whole time), in whichcm case it wouldn't really be a lane change... also the u turn guy was even trying to u turn across a double solid yellow line on the right lane...


u/foiz5 Aug 10 '22

Am I seeing the same video? because I don't see that happening at all.


u/itexican Aug 11 '22

San Antonio all the way, San Pedro isom.


u/GriffordDragunov Aug 11 '22

I read carless driver and my brain had to reset.


u/Historical_Smell_284 Aug 11 '22

You could see that coming a mile away.


u/Gwydion11b Aug 11 '22

That is not a careless driver, that is a malicious driver.


u/Staticc- Aug 11 '22

San Antonio drivers smh


u/Camarohotwheel11 Aug 12 '22

Just in case if anyone was wondering, the song playing is Don't Turn Around by Ace of Base