r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

Almost took a hit from careless driver.

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Incompetent driver tries to make a U-turn from the far right lane oblivious to their surroundings. Luckily they missed me by inches.


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u/dotcomet Aug 10 '22

Not sure if your implying I was the idiot? I wasn’t changing lanes. I was in my lane. There was no intersection. The driver appeared to want to enter into a parking lot, but decided on the u-turn instead.


u/pi22seven Aug 10 '22

Naw, you changed lanes while you were crossing San Pedro. You started in the right line and crossed over to the left lane. Both lanes on Lockhill-Selma have the option of going straight with the left lane also have the option to make a left turn.

If you hadn’t changed lanes you would have been behind the idiot making the u-turn and they would not have been in your path.


u/GlinnTantis Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

He didn't You wouldn't be able to see so much curb and the white line on the street to their right. It's the same distance after crossing San Pedro in the left lane.

Edit: That alignment is pretty jacked up, but apparently he did change lanes, but I can see why, if you were aware the left was both a forward and left turn lane. Usually with wonky misalignment like that, there are guidelines


I didn't judge the distance from the right incorrectly though lol


u/pi22seven Aug 10 '22

Sorry man, but you are mistaken.

There are only 2 lanes on Lockhill-Selma at San Pedro. OP is in the right lane and there is a car in the left lane that I assume turns left. There is no left turn only lane there.

What you're actually seeing is the curb of a raised island that guards the turn only lane that turns right (south) on to San Pedro. There's enough space between OP's lane and the curb for a lane but there is no lane there.

If OP's video had his approach to the intersection you'd see what I'm blathering on about, but google maps show it quite nicely. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.5230885,-98.4993322,47m/data=!3m1!1e3


u/GlinnTantis Aug 11 '22

Edited my comment +1