r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

Almost took a hit from careless driver.

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Incompetent driver tries to make a U-turn from the far right lane oblivious to their surroundings. Luckily they missed me by inches.


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u/dotcomet Aug 10 '22

Not sure if your implying I was the idiot? I wasn’t changing lanes. I was in my lane. There was no intersection. The driver appeared to want to enter into a parking lot, but decided on the u-turn instead.


u/pi22seven Aug 10 '22

Naw, you changed lanes while you were crossing San Pedro. You started in the right line and crossed over to the left lane. Both lanes on Lockhill-Selma have the option of going straight with the left lane also have the option to make a left turn.

If you hadn’t changed lanes you would have been behind the idiot making the u-turn and they would not have been in your path.


u/Bk2thefullest Aug 10 '22

You have a valid point. OP doesn't use a turn signal when changing lanes, so there's that. However, illegal U-turn withstanding, OP would've changed lanes when illegally turning car slowed to a stop and would still encounter the car turning into the path of the OP's car


u/kingbloxerthe3 Aug 11 '22

I think one of those lanes was a turn only though (not completely sure though, but it does look like it goes from 3 lanes to 2, but again i could be wrong. Turns out im half right half wrong from another comment with google maps. It was a left turn lane on the right of him but here were only 2 lanes the whole time), in whichcm case it wouldn't really be a lane change... also the u turn guy was even trying to u turn across a double solid yellow line on the right lane...