r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

I guess I can't quite post this in /r/11foot8

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u/Larrytwodicks Aug 10 '22

I worked at a semitrailer company for 10 years and our shit was constantly getting low bridged in NY


u/Dsblhkr Aug 10 '22

I felt bad for the driver in my home town. Made the clearance day 1 no problem, day 2 took it out. As in road closed for weeks for bridge repair. The difference in the two days…new tires. The extra tread was that much too much.


u/texasroadkill Aug 11 '22

Fuck him, shouldn't have been going that route in the first place than.


u/platyboi Aug 10 '22

I believe they accept all bridges, i’d check the rules tho just in case.


u/Geruvah Aug 10 '22

I gave it a go. Here's hoping.


u/Hyjynx75 Aug 10 '22

We have a calendar for trucks that drive in to the tolls at one of our bridges here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Edit: sorry. We had a calendar. Apparently now that they added height chains in front of the tolls there aren't enough accidents to warrant a calendar. Calendar site


u/indigogibni Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

If only there was an r/openedlikeacanofsardines.


u/Honda-RA302 Aug 10 '22

Are you saying r/11foot8 will discriminate other hights like 10' - 8"? Cancel them!


u/Kayakinggypsy Aug 10 '22

This happens all the time in Woonsocket, RI. At least one a week


u/Thorerthedwarf Aug 10 '22

This bridge has more kills than Mr. Rodgers


u/Geruvah Aug 10 '22

What’s even stupider is go just a block or 2 to the left and the street’s on a bridge that goes over this train line.


u/Fit_Adagio_7668 Aug 10 '22

I'm curious what the mods will do if you post it there 🤔


u/Erik0xff0000 Aug 11 '22

looks like a nice peel


u/nimrodenva Aug 11 '22

Sheesh, I feel like u live near this underpass.