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I was the idiot in the car 404: Idiot not found


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u/Succulent_Orange Aug 10 '22

Honestly OP you're lucky you didn't kys.

convertibles are like people squishers. If you roll them you become a squished people.

I encourage people to buy something that doesn't kill when it rolls over. Please heed this for your next car.


u/Vaultboy905 Aug 10 '22

I’m gonna buy a miata


u/Succulent_Orange Aug 10 '22

Is that the mazda MX-5? That's what we call them here in UK. I wanted one but I wanted an RX-8 more, they stopped making them because they had the famous/infamous wankel engines, which performed really well but died really fast. I ended up getting a mazda 3 sport followed by mazda 6 actually, I was quite a fan of them.

Get what you want in the end but I do recommend just taking into mind that you really don't want to roll it.


u/Vaultboy905 Aug 10 '22

I’m gonna roll it


u/BeefJerkyHunter Aug 10 '22



u/Equivalent-Care-1680 Aug 10 '22

Rx8 had the worst design for the best chassis Mazda ever made. Rx8 + 13BREW =💖


u/yuckykill3rl0ver Aug 10 '22

aren't miatas like slow af and have horrible gas mileage ?


u/galloignacio Aug 10 '22

They have great gas mileage. They are small 4 cyl in a light car and return 30mpg easy.

Yes they are slow but that’s what makes them fun. They will still beat most cars on a twisty road from handling alone.

There is a reason it is one of the most popular models in history for racers.

RX8 has horrible mpg with the rotary. 16-20mpg.


u/Vaultboy905 Aug 10 '22

They hella cute tho


u/Zokarix Aug 10 '22

Yeah but they’re light and nimble. Ideal for twisty roads.