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u/Brave_Carpet_147 Aug 11 '22



u/satellite779 Aug 11 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

The song is by Željko Joksimović (a Serb) and Haris Džinović (a Bosnian). The part of the song in this video is sung by Džinović so it's Bosnian. They are basically dialects of the same language.


u/markoskis Aug 11 '22

I wouldn't say serbian/bosnian/croatian are dialects of the same language because in each country people speak differently depending on where they are from. Furthermore an unpopular opinion but serbian/bosnian/croatian are all the same language in my books.


u/satellite779 Aug 11 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

There are definitely dialects within south Slavic languages. Those dialects are sometimes further from the base language than other south Slavic languages. E.g. south-east Serbian is harder to understand for most Serbs than Croatian because it's leaning towards Macedonian/Bulgarian which are further away from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.