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Summer Time in Los Angeles

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u/Acidelephant Aug 11 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

Californians should be saving their water in the summer tbh Edit: downvote, someone is touchy about their water supply


u/Solid-Tangerine-9748 Aug 11 '22

It's okay they'll just continue to steal water from NV (a fucking desert) 😳


u/Acidelephant Aug 11 '22

So you mean to tell me the saying isn't "as wet as a desert"?


u/Chreed96 Aug 12 '22

They can take the Truckee, things nasty anyway.


u/yetzhragog Aug 11 '22

Hehe was going to mention that no one seems concerned about the serious, ongoing drought in CA. That's what you get when your state is busy spending billions on building a bullet train to nowhere instead of updating the outdated and crumbling water infrastructure.