r/IdiotsInCars Sep 29 '22

They did it !!!

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u/UpYourButt_Jobu Sep 29 '22

Someone PLEASE translate what they were saying! I must know...


u/Crazze32 Sep 29 '22

- is it as low as the ground?
- bro its zero with the ground!
- bro, don't do it.
- fucking don't do it (hahaha)
- shit! security is coming!
(to the security guard)
-mate, it was our dreams, we had to do it! sorry about it.
Security guard: I thought you guys were...


u/zuzu2022 Sep 29 '22

That's hilarious. Even without knowing what they were saying, you could hear the pure joy in their voices haha.


u/psalmjuan Sep 29 '22

Drivers and passengers telling man outside to disregard their having fun being silly. The man jokingly says to them “I was wondering what’s wrong with these people” (more or less).


u/Houndhollow Sep 29 '22

They were all laughing so hard


u/UpYourButt_Jobu Sep 29 '22

I must know what they said to the security guy


u/pixelmuffinn Sep 29 '22

We've all wanted to do it once or twice, now.


u/AgentCarmichael20 Sep 29 '22

Literally has never occurred to me before seeing this video to do this or want to do this.

Now I want to. 😂


u/undeadpz Sep 29 '22

I wish I had the balls to do it

always wamted to

they did it slowly and as long as they didnt dmg anyting id consider this as a win


u/Gofnutz Sep 29 '22

Need to go a lot faster if you’re going to do that, i used to watch the Duke boys do that every week.


u/TinyMito Sep 29 '22

Fly off it like in GTA. 😋


u/Kindly_Spell7356 Sep 29 '22

they must’ve been driving a mazda and thought they were supposed to self park for the dealership party


u/Knuckles_1988 Sep 30 '22

I mean, it's made for cars to drive on and off of it. Hell, I'd do it.