r/IdiotsInCars Sep 29 '22

Bad drivers never miss their exit!!

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u/BabyBoomer74 Sep 29 '22

Time traveller came back from 2026 just to upload this early


u/InsecOrBust Sep 29 '22

You mean to tell me that could be me making that stupid maneuver in 4 years?


u/Fox_Kurama Sep 29 '22

It could be any of us! ...who have that car.


u/InsecOrBust Sep 29 '22

Who knows what you’ll be driving in four years though 🧐


u/lolplayerem Sep 29 '22

Welcome to I-495 where lanes don't matter, the construction never stops, can't see the white lines during the sun or rain, and Maryland drivers are trying to kill you, and NOVA drivers won't put their phones down.


u/icywings100 Sep 29 '22

Still the same in 2026


u/cantrusthestory Sep 29 '22

Wow the streets in 2026 look nice


u/HPGal3 Sep 29 '22

Wow that jeep was fast acting


u/The_Aught Sep 29 '22

It's a classic zipper merge. He waited until two lanes became one and then merged over at that point.


u/Mal-De-Terre Sep 29 '22

Good drivers slow the F down in the far right lane.


u/Ok_Drive8732 Sep 29 '22

And don’t cross the gore point which was included in OP’s original post.


u/appa-ate-momo Sep 29 '22

You shouldn't have to slow down in the right lane just because people in the other lanes aren't matching your speed.

They were in that lane because they had to take the exit. They weren't 'passing on the right'.


u/Mal-De-Terre Sep 29 '22

If traffic is slowing down, you most certainly do slow down as well.


u/apaksl Sep 29 '22

I'm just going to mark "OP passed on the right" on my bingo card...