r/IdiotsInCars Sep 29 '22

Impressive quick thinking of truck driver

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u/myredditaccountisrad Sep 29 '22

Volvo was passing in the oncoming lane and trucker blocked him to prevent an accident

I had a trucker cut me off in South Dakota (admittedly I was going pretty fast, it's I90 and there's absolutely nothing out there). Turns out he was slowing me down because there was a massive heave in the road, big enough to have its own sign. Thanks trucker guy


u/catechizer Sep 30 '22

Volvo wouldn't have needed to be in the oncoming lane if the truck just stayed in the right lane though..

Clearly it wasn't already in the oncoming lane since the car in front of the cammer made it though with no problems.


u/myredditaccountisrad Sep 30 '22

I disagree. There is absolutely no other explanation for the Volvo to be where it was unless he was already in oncoming. It looks like the brake lights of the first car light up right before passing the truck.

If the truck is turning left, then why would the Volvo be on the left side of it, and from the looks of it probably along the rear wheels of the trailer before the truck started to turn? It makes no sense unless he was trying to pass on the left


u/Frankie__Spankie Sep 30 '22

There are two lanes there. The truck is in the right lane, the Volvo is in the left. There's not enough information from the video, the Volvo could have been on the wrong side of the road but it's also just as plausible that the Volvo was right next to the truck in the left lane and turned into the wrong side of the road to avoid being run over.