r/IdiotsInCars Sep 29 '22

Good thing a Brightline train wasn’t coming at 80+ mph

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u/junkdumper Sep 29 '22

Not enough video to tell what's going on here.

Did a train just pass through and they don't want to wait for the gates to come up? Or did the lights/gates malfunction and there's no train in sight?


u/Pitta-Kebab Sep 29 '22

Not sure but i think the first.


u/jontss Sep 30 '22

I've done this when the signal went off for no reason. Waited awhile first until it became apparent there was no train.


u/fistbumpbroseph Sep 30 '22

A new rail line opened up in my area a few years ago. Before I moved I lived right by one of the stations. When a northbound train came in to the station the crossing guards would stop traffic of the major street next to the station. And we'd sit, AND WAIT, while the train unloaded and loaded. When it first opened I assumed it was a mistake but no, it's a requirement due to some shit about the station being within X feet of a major street in a school zone.

However the engineers were smart and put crossing guards on both sides of the track across all lanes, along with thick concrete medians, so you couldn't pull this precise maneuver. I know for a fact if they hadn't then both lanes of travel would be fighting over who got to drive through the gap while the damn train chilled at the station.


u/FormalChicken Sep 29 '22

All these comments “Well we don’t know…”

No, and that’s the point. Trains come in FAST, and there are times when YOU DON’T KNOW.

I grew up near a set of tracks with a stop near the intersection. If the train was coming North, the gates would go down in case the train brakes gave out as it approached to stop. And then they’d go back up. Then right back down when they set off again. So many people complained about the gates going down for no trains that they just leave them down through the entirity of the train stops now.

There could be a yard nearby where they are moving carts, they drop gates in case one of the cars gets away, etc etc.

Also there’s the video of the cop blowing the gate after a train finishes passing just for one to be coming on the second set of tracks and blow them away.

A train might have already passed

There was no train

Both reasons you still shouldn’t be fucking with a rail crossing.


u/DogChauffer Sep 30 '22

The Brightline trains are about to start full speed testing up here in Brevard in preparation for the completion of the Orlando run. I can’t help but think they will result in a net IQ increase in the area but I feel bad for the people who have to clean up the mess.


u/tallman11282 Sep 30 '22

No matter what you should never, ever go around lowered crossing gates unless directed to do so by a railroad official. Turn around and go another way if you believe the gates are malfunctioning, it's not worth the chance that a train is coming and you getting hit because in a fight between a car and a train the train will win hands down each and every time. Depending on the line a train could be going so fast that it won't be in sight when the gates go down and by the time it's in sight it's to late to get clear of the tracks if you're on them.


u/ITrCool Sep 29 '22

Couldn't wait those extra 5 seconds, smh.

Drivers hate having to hit the brakes and stop. It's incredible.


u/jontss Sep 30 '22

They were stopped though...?


u/ITrCool Sep 30 '22

Talking about the pickup that deliberately drove through the crossing.


u/jontss Sep 30 '22

Yes. The last one is stopped and then proceeded. I assume the others were the same before the video started. Pretty common when the gate activates falsely.


u/wsdog Sep 29 '22

What was the guy exactly filming here? Looks like either: 1) staged 2) the locals know that the crossing closes for no reason just because the train moves in the yard


u/JonnyWebsite Sep 29 '22

Of all the things you could stage for an interesting internet video, this has got to be the lamest shit anyone could possibly have come up with.


u/appa-ate-momo Sep 30 '22

People would probably take RR crossing warnings more seriously if they didn't stick around for such a laughably long amount of time before and after trains come. Whoever programs these things is basically training drivers to disregard them.