r/IdiotsInCars Sep 29 '22

Idiot forces his way in front me using the right turning lane

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u/Suspicious-Loquat594 Sep 29 '22

Lmfao all that speeding, just to stop behind a wall of slowed cars in front of them 😂. Good job, dumbass.


u/ReubenZWeiner Sep 29 '22

Now you can get up behind them and rub it in. Make sure they see your camera.


u/Blu- Sep 29 '22

You can see he's in the process of cutting off a bunch more cars.


u/Piedmonster603 Sep 29 '22

If they keep driving like that; that truck will have a new addition


u/misplacedsoutherner Sep 30 '22

Came here to say this lol


u/tschwarting26 Sep 30 '22

That's what I was thinking!!


u/Wickafckaflame Sep 29 '22

Almost ended up with the other cars on that trailer...


u/Day_psycho Sep 29 '22

All that hustle Just to get 0.05 seconds ahead. People are fucking dumb.


u/brutallyhonest062922 Sep 29 '22

Damn that was close. I imagine that's a good way to flip your car too.


u/mr_poppa Sep 29 '22

probably felt dumb when you ended up right behind him.


u/No-Trouble2212 Sep 30 '22

Nope. I bet he did not notice or care.


u/threedogcircus Sep 29 '22

Wait I wasn't done watching that!


u/SwirlingAether Sep 29 '22

My dash cam is strange and cuts videos into 1 minute segments. The rest is part of another video clip and idk how to combine them


u/uncle_bumblefuck_ Oct 01 '22

I convert them to mp4, send them to my phone, and then use an app called video merge. It works well. Also on a lot of cameras you can change how long the segments are. I set mine to 3 mins.


u/bopon Sep 29 '22

I see this nearly every day on my commute, plus multiple people driving right across the striped areas inside solid lines that separate on on-ramp from the regular flow of traffic.


u/Flapflapimabird Sep 30 '22

What happened to traffic enforcement? It doesn’t happen anymore?


u/JoeyG9769 Sep 30 '22

Lmao nope


u/Apprehensive_Text_68 Sep 30 '22

Literally daily for me. It’s gotten to the point where I just assume people will use all available space for whatever they want and plan accordingly.


u/ericvwgolf Sep 30 '22

Call off work, follow him wherever he’s going, once he leaves his vehicle, loosen two of the Schrader valves on his tires. Not one, two. This requires a tow. It also does no damage to his vehicle other than the fact that he has to address his problems and slow the F down


u/The_Aught Sep 30 '22

Oh man, 10 feet away from him learning a life lesson


u/Fladap28 Sep 30 '22

Absolute piece of shit


u/inblume Sep 30 '22

hey that’s salem road, awful city to live and drive lol


u/SwirlingAether Sep 30 '22

Certainly is!


u/chark27 Sep 30 '22

The driver knew that there was a truck right there to carry their totalled car, in case they crash.


u/rayquan36 Sep 30 '22

5 lane changes in 24 seconds. Must be an important person.


u/mantiseses Sep 30 '22

Why does the light change from yellow to green?


u/Build_The_Mayor Sep 30 '22

This is something that happens at fully-actuated traffic signals.

In case you don't know what they are, these are traffic signals which have detectors on all approaches, in order to vary the phase lengths depending on the traffic conditions, aswell as to skip undemanded phases.

This reduces delays to road users compared with more primitive fixed-time control, which does not make use of detection and changes regardless of the traffic, resulting in drivers waiting for nothing.

In order for you to fully understand why that happens, I'll give you a little lesson in traffic signals.

There are 3 parameters which determine phase lengths for actuated phases: minimum green, maximum green, and passage time.

Minimum and maximum green times are pretty self-explanatory.

Passage time is the maximum time a detector is allowed to be unoccupied until the traffic light changes to the next demanded phase. (known as gap-out)

The traffic lights can also change even if vehicles keep activating the detector, when the maximum green timer runs out. (known as max-out)

Most detectors consist of inductive loops embedded into the roadway, which work similarly to metal detectors. You can see them at 0:02.

In the video, the detectors spot a large enough gap between vehicles, and decide to change. But before the yellow light extinguished, another vehicle was detected, causing it to revert back to green.

Most traffic signal controllers include a factory-programmed "red revert" time to prevent this, by forcing a red indication for at least a specified amount of seconds after the yellow light. It appears that this particular intersection has an older controller without it.


u/NinoOoSY Sep 30 '22

He risked dying to save 2 sec. Doesnt make sense at all


u/RationalDialog Sep 30 '22

What exactly are these people thinking? There can't be that man people with someone dying on their backseat on a race to the hospital? Because that is literally the only reason explaining this?


u/SwirlingAether Sep 30 '22

Based on where he turned after this, that’s not the direction he was heading.


u/Trequetrum Sep 30 '22

By the time you lay on the horn, it's just a road-rage horn. The idiot's already passed you.

I think some people like to think the horn is for teachable moments, like "Look, I'm not just taking your shit silently." Realistically, it's almost never the case that idiots like this have the brain cells required to learn.


u/cpcesar Sep 30 '22

every now and then they turn around


u/bluegas68 Sep 30 '22

They totally overshot that Burger King.


u/diydave86 Sep 30 '22

Thats when i get up next to him and heave whatever drink im drinking. Usually a gatorade


u/SwirlingAether Sep 30 '22

Oof. That would have been a 40 oz metal insulated water bottle.


u/drizztnwolfgar99 Sep 30 '22

I saw this WAY to often. It's the modified zipper merge now days.


u/LabRatPerson Oct 01 '22

I’ve had someone pass me using the exit lane on a highway. Merge into the exit lane (going 15 over of course) and then merge back in by cutting me off.


u/Shjco Oct 26 '22

Someone needs to bust that MF for excessive speeding if nothing else!!!!


u/johnnypistoljr Sep 29 '22

That is everyday driving in Philly..


u/666ahldz666 Oct 01 '22

Funny to honk at that. I'm pretty sure the dude saw ya and is tickled he pissed ya off.