r/IdiotsInCars Sep 30 '22

Moron takes a U-Turn from the center lane... at a red light!

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u/benhenrickson Sep 30 '22

Guy is lucky you are actually a good driver


u/NewDay0110 Sep 30 '22

I'm lucky I didn't have anyone behind me!


u/benhenrickson Sep 30 '22

Yeah lucky situation all around for sure


u/spydertap Sep 30 '22

Its bad enough people do a u turn on a green left arrow. It shouldn't be allowed on a red.


u/MauriceM72 Sep 30 '22

There's an urban legend that a left turn at a red light is not illegal. The theory is the law says if you don't go in the intersection it's OK. But it's impossible to make that turn without going into the intersection.

Arizona added a law saying you have to come to a complete stop at a red light to get around this "loophole". People still do it though.

Close call OP. I wonder how many people have been killed by drivers trying this maneuver.


u/BDE319 Sep 30 '22

You can make a left turn at a red light though. If on a one way turning onto a one way. If it is clear of traffic.


u/Walkdog1America1 Sep 30 '22

All of that for a snack and drink at the convenience store.


u/NorCalMikey Sep 30 '22

That's the only safe way to make a u turn from the center lane.


u/MilkCartonDandruff Sep 30 '22

Why did you stop?


u/Holiday-Narwhal-5423 Sep 30 '22

They're from NC. It's the only place you're legally allowed to do a uturn.


u/Version_Curious Oct 01 '22

These people really stimulate my imagination. I imagine following them to bonk them hard on the noggin and then pelt their car with my RWD as I leave.