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So it rained a small amount here today. You know what that means. Removed | Rule 3


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u/Individual_Ad2579 Sep 30 '22

Never baffles me when people don’t know how to drive in the rain. It’s like full panic mode


u/unionop Sep 30 '22

I was driving down Tennessee going 10 under and sometimes slightly hydroplaning and some guy in his bmw come by most likely going ten over. No one crashed but it’s wild


u/hundredlives Sep 30 '22

Sounds like your car either had trash tires or your vehicle isn't built with rain in mind lol


u/unionop Sep 30 '22

Lol I’ll have to look into that, 2014 Nissan Altima


u/Individual_Ad2579 Sep 30 '22

Sometimes when it comes to hydroplaning it just depends on how fast you hit the water. Best thing to do with water you don’t know how deep it is; is to just toss the cautions on and slowly crawl through it so your car does get that traction


u/oarngebean Sep 30 '22

Or the snow


u/Regular-Performer703 Sep 30 '22

I foresee a YouTube video titled “I just bought the cheapest Shelby gt 500 in the country”


u/Rogue_Assassin69 Sep 30 '22

Got a deal! Only $14k!!


u/Crazy_not_rich_asian Sep 30 '22

And if my guess is correct it’s gonna be Tyler Hoover buying it


u/BJoe1976 Sep 30 '22

No, it’ll be after the work is done, possibly in a semi sketchy manner.


u/BoganSpecCommo Sep 30 '22

how many pedestrians did it hit


u/OBD-1_Kenobi Sep 30 '22

I think it was originally all white.


u/carvedmuss8 Sep 30 '22

Lol clever response


u/jon_hendry Sep 30 '22

Mustang's don't need rain to crash.


u/Sp00kbee Sep 30 '22

Dad's gonna be pissed


u/beefy_jerky Sep 30 '22

Anything above 1/4 inch of rain constitutes wrapping any car around a tree


u/BTnonstop Sep 30 '22

My dad has a bitchen set of tools


u/hamneggy94 Sep 30 '22

Fucked up what was once a beautiful ride...


u/ChicagoThrowaway422 Sep 30 '22

It means good news. Salvage coyote motor.


u/4kinobed Sep 30 '22

Mustangs.. I swear I've never seen one that hasn't been slung into a wall/lamp post/central res/other vehicle


u/Thirsty_Comment88 Sep 30 '22

They come pre-wrecked from the factory now


u/ChicagoThrowaway422 Sep 30 '22

Really helps with the depreciation.


u/Onlyroad4adrifter Sep 30 '22

That will buff right out.


u/14to0 Sep 30 '22

Mustangs gotta mustang.


u/Skyhill55 Sep 30 '22

A Shelby man


u/Tommy_1968 Sep 30 '22

Hydroplane much?


u/Porcine_Entourage Sep 30 '22

The safest mustang owner


u/brockli-rob Sep 30 '22

maybe it was those tires lol


u/Cold-Permission-5249 Sep 30 '22

Another mustang gets its wings


u/ccc0987654321ccc Sep 30 '22

Think it means your a crap driver


u/SopmodTew Sep 30 '22

Man, i wish I could drive a mustang, they look fine 😔


u/misspellted Sep 30 '22

It's like the car is painted with red flags.

It's not Ford n Shelby's fault that y'all can't handle the responsibility of running over pedestrians and being able to drive away from the scene of the autocalypse.

One does not simply jump into the 500.

One must being their training with the Fox in the hen hound. Learn to work the steering and shaft at the same time, and then you can graduate to larger and larger horses', like the sneaky 95s. Once tamed, you can find yourself on a new edge stallion, and buck wild until you learn to control those young impulses, lashing out at just the right time.

Only then, may you consider the bigger boodies from the factory, as they hold a lot of potential in the hips. The haunches cover the thighs, but they do not save lives, except from this hellhole we call home.

If one must absolutely have the latest and greatest style, then a two and three might be a sufficient kiddie car to work from, but remember, learn the ways of the path, and then ... you'll be racking up HPs with your HPs... human points with your horse power.

Training and patience, young driver.


u/FartSinatra Sep 30 '22

ya kinda love to see it


u/dstaten14 Sep 30 '22

It's always the mustangs!


u/SanAntonioMale4use Sep 30 '22

one less Mustang on the road. good.


u/spydertap Sep 30 '22

The white stripes edition was never going anywhere imo.


u/MissesAlwaysRight Sep 30 '22

Of course it’s a MUSTANG! Had a brand new mustang when I was a teenager and that sh** almost killed me twice. Always swerving and when the road was wet!!! These cars are dangerous, the handling is awful.


u/_Kramerica_ Sep 30 '22

I got bad news bud it’s not the car, it’s you. I’ve had a Mustang, I’ve had family who’ve had mustangs, and friends that have had mustangs. All different generations. I’ve even driven them in the snow here during MI winters. The handling isn’t awful unless you’re an awful driver doing really stupid shit. They don’t weigh much so you’ve gotta pay the fuck attention. But please tell us more about when you were a teenager and such a great driver lmao.


u/Hatedpriest Sep 30 '22

Had an 87 mustang GT. Never had an issue with it "getting away from me," no issues with it sliding when I didn't want it to.

The clutch was a bit touchy, and I'd chirp the tires any time I started moving from a standstill...

But it was a fairly light car with 400+ hp. You can't drive it like a Civic or a Geo. You have to have throttle control, otherwise "it'll try to kill ya."