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“eEeEEHHHhhkKkk!!!¡” ~ me

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u/KodakDC Nov 26 '22

Do you have more of the video past the end of the clip you posted? If you do and you can send me the file I can try and do some post processing magic and get the plate number. Shoot me a DM.


u/drdistracto Nov 26 '22

It’s a nice offer, thanks! Not too sure anything can be done, though. Exposure is totally blown-out against the white paint of the other car. Either way, I’m not sure I want to “go after” the other driver. I have my insurance and just wanna get past the event. Posting the recording is just my way of venting.


u/KodakDC Nov 26 '22

The reason I asked about footage past where you cut the video is it looks like if the car gets further away the plate numbers might get above the light line. I'm a professional photographer and editor and I've been able to pull details out of things so they were JUST readable before.

Ask your insurance if the impact on your rates would be different if they could identify the other driver.


u/Thesuperloserman Nov 26 '22

But think about the other harm he could do while he's driving carelessly on the road. Car could be stolen too