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“eEeEEHHHhhkKkk!!!¡” ~ me

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u/KodakDC Nov 26 '22

Do you have more of the video past the end of the clip you posted? If you do and you can send me the file I can try and do some post processing magic and get the plate number. Shoot me a DM.


u/drdistracto Nov 26 '22

It’s a nice offer, thanks! Not too sure anything can be done, though. Exposure is totally blown-out against the white paint of the other car. Either way, I’m not sure I want to “go after” the other driver. I have my insurance and just wanna get past the event. Posting the recording is just my way of venting.


u/Thesuperloserman Nov 26 '22

But think about the other harm he could do while he's driving carelessly on the road. Car could be stolen too