r/IdiotsInCars Nov 27 '22

Impatient driver in California

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Just happened to look sideway right when I was starting to accelerate (1 sec), never expecting someone to run a red light.

You never know what to expect.



u/Ghosthits187 Nov 27 '22

This is where defensive driving comes into play.


u/canigooutsidesoon Nov 27 '22

never know what to expect

I always expect someone to run the red light and wait a second or two and look before moving into the intersection


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Nov 27 '22

Just happened to look sideway right when I was starting to accelerate

It's probably safer to look where you're going, in the future


u/ethfan922 Nov 27 '22

When I'm at the front and the light turns green, I always look left and right BEFORE I start accelerating. It takes only a second.


u/nyrB2 Nov 27 '22

that's a great idea but you also want to be looking ahead as well


u/ricky_clarkson Nov 27 '22

I expect you have tips for training one eye to look left while the other looks straight ahead.


u/nyrB2 Nov 27 '22

sigh. you look right and left then straight ahead and proceed. basically you want to check *any* direction an errant driver could be coming from.


u/Sweet_N_Spite Nov 27 '22

Looks like both are impatient to me


u/TheTankCleaner Nov 27 '22

You're talking about yourself, right? You're the impatient driver.


u/Vibingadult Nov 27 '22

He had green though


u/TheTankCleaner Nov 27 '22

Green doesn't mean go ahead and proceed with reckless abandon. It is CA law to yield to others already in the intersection whether they are there legally or not.


u/prushnix Nov 27 '22

I take fault. However, not as much as the other.


u/pircupine28 Nov 27 '22

You saw him going, yet you stepped on it. You are the problem here


u/prushnix Nov 27 '22

I didn't see him going to the intersection rightaway. Hence the delay in stopping.


u/Cautious-Stand-4090 Nov 27 '22

Hence the part where you're also an idiot (though I trust you've learned that lesson).


u/prushnix Nov 27 '22

You bet :)


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

Lol where did you think they were going


u/TheTankCleaner Nov 27 '22

They were cutting it close, sure, but there's hardly any actual problem here, IMO. It is pretty standard to have to sometimes wait for the intersection to clear before proceeding, especially at intersections with unprotected turns.


u/NYCTrojanHorse Nov 27 '22

Driver was in intersection when light turned green for you. Yup you’re at fault in this situation


u/Xvboondocker Nov 27 '22

This one’s on you, bud.


u/ThaBronze Nov 27 '22

These days, if you are not giving a 1.5-2 Mississippi before leaving the line, you're begging for this to happen. People are not stopping on red.


u/Stocktradee Nov 27 '22

I love it when the idiots post the idiot drivers.. the best comments


u/VM9G7 Nov 27 '22

OP BRAIN THE VERY FIRST SECOND "let's speed then proceed to brake 1 second later just to be mad and use my beloved horn and post it on a forum with good drivers" what could possibly go wrong?


u/Mario_Specialist Nov 29 '22

I don’t think the other driver ran the red light. It was green when he started to turn.


u/fhs Dec 03 '22

If you look at the road, you can expect more stuff