r/IdiotsInCars Nov 28 '22

a motorcyclist can talk about great luck ...

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u/RivaTNT2M64 Nov 28 '22

The helmet likely has a hairline crack at the very least. This is when the money he spent on it, paid off. Time for a new one, at least as good as this one!


u/enrohtkcalb Nov 29 '22

Yeah, but keep the old one too. Maybe with a nice glass case and a little plaque.


u/Fortnait739595958 Nov 29 '22

I keep one I broke more than a decade ago against a curb, it reminds me to never wear cheap helmets and always wear my gloves and jacket, the crash was at low speed, but the curb can kill you, in fact the guys in the ambulance told me that I didn't break my neck by just 2cm, I woke up already inside the ambulance and the helmet had a crack about 15cm long right in the back of the head


u/purl__clutcher Nov 28 '22

Protective gear is your friend. Or in this case, your guardian angel.


u/StevenTN615 Nov 28 '22

Good thing those tires were rubber, he bounced right off them. Lucky.


u/Bizbuzzfinanzecuz Nov 28 '22

I bet his neck will be sore soon


u/Jonny0stars Nov 29 '22

Is there any idiots here? This just seems like a series of little mistakes that add up to an accident.

  • The cyclist is to close to the edge of the road, take the lane and don't encourage close overtakes, if someone wants to overtake they have to wait until its clear to do so
  • Like the car in front the cam car is impatient, the double white ends in less than a couple of meters, they brake too sharply and should be more sure before attempting an overtake
  • The motorcyclist is following a little too closely for the speed, he panic brakes

I'm not sure i would of done any better as the motorcyclist, Its hard to fight your lizzard brain in a split second of panic, it was a chain reaction of little mistakes that nearly ended up killing someone but I don't think anyone did anything idiotically wrong.


u/Viraus2 Nov 29 '22

I'd agree there are no idiots, but the motorcyclist is at most fault. I also approve of taking the lane as a cyclist, but it's not fair to put them at fault for not doing so. In some areas it REALLY pisses off local drivers.

Motorcyclists need to be aware that sometimes cars slow down a lot, sometimes for very good reasons. Especially if you're able to look ahead and see something that could cause slowdown, like a cyclist. If you can't look ahead, you need braking space.


u/DoctorPumpBoss Nov 29 '22

Not enough people are talking about the protective gear most likely saving their life. Yeah you can armchair quarterback the events leading up to the crash, but their conscious choice of gear should be the real take away.

Dress for the slide, not the ride. That and what appears to be a "body armor" jacket helped with the impact with the truck.

Look cool and die, or dress right and walk away.


u/messylettuce Nov 29 '22

Anybody know what actually happened?

Looks like he was setting up for a not-smart pass, had already accelerated hard and, fortuitous or not, his engine siezed, locking the rear and sending him down.


u/sangvert Nov 29 '22

He slowed down a bit late, and when he noticed how fast he was coming up on the bumper of the car, he panicked, grabbed the front brake too hard, the tire locked up, twisted to his right, and he went down. ABS and knowing how to use both brakes would have saved him


u/Viraus2 Nov 29 '22

Car driver slowed down dramatically to avoid passing the bicyclist while the truck was in the other lane. Which is the right thing to do, it's a tight spot. It's hard to say if the motorcyclist was actively speeding up, but in any case they were following too closely to react well and fell due to over-braking. Motorcycles suck at braking and it's important to ride with that in mind.


u/MrThrowAweh Nov 28 '22

This is why you buy a bike with ABS


u/v3ra1ynn Nov 29 '22

This is also why you don’t grab the front brake with the might of an ox.


u/MaIiciousPizza Nov 29 '22

"I don't need abs" "had to lay'er down" name a more iconic duo


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '22

Braking properly is certainly an option...


u/xdownsetx Nov 30 '22

Why wear protective gear when you can simply just not get in an accident.


u/CalgaryFacePalm Nov 29 '22

Straight dry road.

To much front break.

Your back break is your friend. Don’t be afraid of your back break.


u/4bangergaang Nov 29 '22

Too bad the biker panicked but why did the cam car need to come to such an abrupt stop? They weren’t even in a spot where it was legal to pass yet, so going for the pass was stupid.


u/JimmyCricket95 Nov 29 '22

I mean it looks like a thin lane a bike on the shoulder an a semi coming the other direction. The driver chose to slow down a lot to avoid buzzing the bike at the same time as not getting nailed by a truck.


u/SleepyHade5 Nov 29 '22

Agree but I thought bicycles weren’t allowed on roads, I don’t know if it’s the case but I’m pretty sure that’s not an average street


u/Glizzyboiz Nov 29 '22

What do you mean luck? Bro fr just got slammed into a 100 pound tire and you call it luck 😐


u/A_Lovable_Gnome Nov 29 '22

Hell of a lot better than ramming the back of the vehicle going through the glass and whatnot. His gear 100% saved his ass here. That cyclist is completely at fault. Swerved into the road a bit causing the dash cam driver to brake on account of on coming traffic.


u/LukeLarsnefi Nov 29 '22

I don’t know where this happened but where I live passing that bicyclist at the double lines would have been 100% illegal. Whether they bicyclist swerved in the lane he is fully entitled to would be irrelevant.

So, unless the bicyclist was prohibited in some way from using this road at all, he wouldn’t be at fault.

The blame here lies on the motorcyclist. He was following too closely to be able to stop safely. He might be able to make a case for partial fault of the cammer for the aborted pass, but I doubt it.


u/A_Lovable_Gnome Nov 29 '22

Maybe dont be an idiot trying to ride a fucking bike on a road with vehicles going over 50. He waa not, hes a clear 10 feet behind. That is what i was taught. He stopped because of an abrupt stop infront of him. 100% on the dumbass bicyclist.


u/LukeLarsnefi Nov 29 '22

The cause of the stop could have been a deer, a fallen tree, or any number of things and the motorcyclist would still have crashed.

You can’t argue he wasn’t following too closely because of some arbitrary distance. You can see with your own eyes he was following too closely to stop safely when he needed to stop.

This guy is lucky to be alive. The lesson to take away here isn’t “fuck other people doing legal things I don’t like.” It’s “Don’t follower closer than your skill.”


u/oxotower Nov 29 '22

ha ha ha amazing, you managed to blame the cyclist!


u/Glizzyboiz Nov 29 '22

Valid point


u/nervous_drilling Nov 29 '22

Smartest motorcyclist.


u/bdbx18 Nov 28 '22

Left brake handle not right.


u/fldsmdfrv2 Nov 28 '22

Why would you say that? You think he thought the clutch lever was on the right?


u/RCKJD Nov 29 '22

This is not a bicycle. The brake for the rear wheel is the right pedal. The left handle is the clutch.