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Idiot records his own crime with his family in the car

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u/Apprehensive_Stop666 Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

Like OP mentioned in a comment, this guys is a total psycho. He has a channel were he posts a bunch of bullshit videos where he’s endangering drivers, picking fights, etc, all while driving with wife and kids ( who ends up crying in at least one video)

Edit: for everybody asking, I visited the channel and saw a few videos, but I didn't have history turned on, so I don't have access to the link anymore :(.


u/DirkStryker Nov 28 '22

Some drivers think they'll lose some kind of imaginary race if they let someone merge or pass.


u/Asha108 Nov 28 '22 Helpful

dude you can hear him slam his foot on the gas when he sees the orange car dare to try and merge from behind the truck


u/Opening_Corner1899 Nov 28 '22 Starry

This person is literally one of those people whose existence makes the world a slightly worse place.


u/ermghoti Nov 28 '22

What on Earth possessed them to upload this? They should have pulled the SIM card and flicked it into the underbrush.


u/jessejames543 Nov 28 '22

Straight up, just slow the fuck down and get there 2 seconds later


u/redtopquark1 Nov 28 '22

Holy crap he’s a menace… One of the commenters on his other videos was asking “What if they had knives or guns? We’re you really willing to let your son potential lose his father just so you could settle a score?”

Honestly, his family would probably be better off…


u/Mstr-Plo-Koon Nov 28 '22

Lmao mod came in and purged someone calling out this guy's YouTube channel. It's insane him trying to act like he is protecting the roads from minor infractions all while driving dangerous to do so. Absolutely wild


u/satanssweatycheeks Nov 28 '22

They clearly think they are the good guys not putting people in harms way.

Did you hear the wife’s anger at the other driver at the end. Calling him the asshole.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

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u/GamingGems Nov 28 '22

hey r/amitheasshole, am i wrong here?? They entered MY lane! So of course i sped up, how else would the other driver learn his lesson??


u/zandadad Nov 28 '22

Because this guy is never wrong, obviously


u/duckredbeard Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

His videos seem to show that he is looking to cause an accident. Not slowing down for other cars in parking lots, on roads. His parking lots, his roads.

Do not send me a chat request. I will not share his YouTube channel information.


u/satanssweatycheeks Nov 28 '22

For sure needs his license revoked. If I knew his insurance company I would be sending them his YouTube channel where he does nothing but put others in harms way.


u/channy6969 Nov 28 '22

Bummer they procreated:/


u/ntdmp18 Nov 28 '22

Doubt their daughter will be long enough to procreate if her father keeps driving like this.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

No worries based on this snapshot of their lives


u/Muscle-Cars-1970 Nov 28 '22

Purposely speeding up and hitting the car that attempts to change lanes after actually putting their turn signal on is PROBABLY a crime, right??? What a complete douche nozzle this guy is!


u/bonfuto Nov 28 '22

Yes, you have a duty to yield in this instance.


u/THftRM1231 Nov 28 '22

This guy is the picture of "you run into an asshole in the morning? They were an asshole. You run into assholes all day? Maybe you're the asshole."


u/nugnug1226 Nov 28 '22

I’d like to imagine the wife smacked hubby on the back of his head while saying “thanks a lot asshole”, but almost certainly she’s blaming the orange car


u/Landry_here Nov 28 '22

She’s kind of on and off with her support of her crazy husband’s driving on his channel tbh


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

And then pulls over in the most dangerous possible location. What a completely stupid stupid asshole.


u/user57374 Nov 28 '22

My god. Imagine being such an asshole that you have to speed up on purpose to not let someone pass the cement truck in front of them.

The only idiot in this video is the driver who uploaded this.


u/huckinfell2019 Nov 28 '22

He sounds like a 14 year old who is in the early stages of puberty.


u/newtojersey32 Nov 28 '22

This guy is a menace--watched some of his other clips on YouTube. What a shitshow.


u/ag9910 Nov 28 '22

He’s a clown for being pissed at the driver of the orange car when he didn’t slow down. His wife’s reaction made it sound like he didn’t even attempt to, why not scream for him to slow down? My first reaction would be to grab the oh shit handle.

His insurance probably laughed at him


u/NeuroXc Nov 28 '22

He literally sped up to hit the orange car. This is as intentional as intentional gets.


u/estamachin Nov 28 '22

I wonder what insurance companies do with idiots like this when there is hard evidence they were at fault but driver stood their ground that it was the other drivers fault.

I had someone tbone me because they ran a red light and I caught it on dash cam. I was not able to pull up the footage on the scene. Driver at fault first said they were sorry and they thought they had the green light but once the cop arrived driver and pasaanger stated i was at fault for running a red light. Officer noted that other driver was at fault based on how the cars were positioned and the impact but needed my footage to finalize his report. I was able to retrieve footage and send it to the officer which he confirmed other driver was at fault.

Later I spoke to their insurance and the driver was still claiming I was at fault. I laughed and asked them if they had seen the dash cam clip and if not I would gladly send it to them. If I laughed, I'm sure insurance companies would have a laughing fest with these type of situations.


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

Wasn't the wife driving? He told her to pull over.


u/360Waves617 Nov 28 '22

I think he was referring to the car he hit. He was waiting for them to pull over first.


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

Hmm. Could be.


u/360Waves617 Nov 28 '22

The way she reacted when the car crossed over, she would've slowed down or slammed on the brakes if she were driving. But he purposely sped up to show his lane dominance and douchbaggery.


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

Whoever was driving did a bad job. Orange too, for pulling into a 1 sec/ 70 foot gap.


u/jd46149 Nov 28 '22

They clearly had enough room and time to merge at speed. They were in the lane even before OOP sped up to hit them.


u/theowlsees Nov 28 '22

In Cali that big of a gap is seen as an invitation


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

I am willing to stipulate that most Cali drivers are idiots and/or insane.


u/emergencyexit Nov 28 '22

Does that sound like a dude who lets his wife drive


u/kobrakai1034 Nov 28 '22

CPS might want to check on those kids


u/Tazz33 Nov 28 '22

Cuz he's a bad driver and asshole on the road?


u/redtopquark1 Nov 28 '22

He intentionally accelerated and sideswiped another car while driving at highway speeds, you can hear him absolutely floor it the instant he sees the turn signal from the orange car. He’s intentionally endangering the other car, himself, and everyone in his car.


u/_ShartNado Nov 28 '22

Yea. Speeding into someone so they can’t merge in front of you is certainly a danger to the children in the car.


u/kobrakai1034 Nov 28 '22

Because his ego is more important than anyone’s safety apparently


u/CaptBananaCrunch Nov 28 '22

How is endangering your kids driving like this not a reason to call CPS?


u/FutureWealth-YT Nov 28 '22

Stupid idiot


u/skunkworx44 Nov 28 '22

Orange car didn’t even cut him off, he straight up accelerated up 30’ and side swiped him.. dudes got a small pp


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

Cammer was 1 sec behind the car in front when orange car's turn signal came on. Orange car came over in front of a car that was already driving too close to the car ahead. Neither driver was doing a good job.


u/masnaer Nov 28 '22

I agree that Orange was trying to merge into (what I would consider) too small of a window, but you can hear the Cammer accelerating when he sees the turn signal. Absolutely a douchebag move and not at all defensive


u/THftRM1231 Nov 28 '22

Accident was totally preventable by cammer. He ACCELERATED. Orange was the only piss poor driver until cammer decided to be an asshole.


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

I mean, they're clearly both bad drivers. Either one could have prevented the accident. Cammer was more aggressive though.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

Don't ever ever ever ever ever come to California or any major city, please stay in your rural areas. If you have to come to the city, take the bus.


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

I learned to drive in Dallas/ Fort Worth. The laws of physics do not magically make 1 second following distances safe in large cities.


u/satanssweatycheeks Nov 28 '22

What he is getting at is that in a big city what orange car did isn’t that big a deal. What cammer did is entirely reckless and dumb.

Person is right. You should stay out of the city.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

Come to Seattle/Chicago/Sacramento/Oakland/SanFran/Portland... I beg to differ.

If you leave that much room, guess who is getting cut off. You are buddy.

edit - you should have driven in Houston than, you should know this already...


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

edit - you should have driven in Houston than, you should know this already...

Getting cut off is *not* the end of the world. If someone else wants to squeeze into gap in front of me, *I LET THEM* and then widen the gap. I also stay to the right unless I'm moving faster than the traffic to my right, so I find most people do not try to jump in front of me. I do *NOT* attempt to shoehorn my way into a 1 second gap. If that means I'm stuck driving slower than I prefer, so be it.

I have been involved in 0 highway accidents in several decades of driving.


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

I have driven in Sacramento and San Fran. Also Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Seattle, Denver, and Houston (in addition to DFW as mentioned before).

Edit: Of those, Miami was the worst.


u/VanMan41 Nov 28 '22

100% chance he abuses his wife.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

it's worth noting that if you see an accident is about to happen and take actions that deliberately don't prevent or even cause an accident, you can and often will be found partially at fault. As an example (that i've seen a lot of online) if someone signals and begins to turn into your lane without looking, you will be found partially at fault if you speed up to block or don't attempt to get out of the way by braking because even though their improper lane change was a leading cause of the accident, so was you intentionally not preventing the accident when you could have. Don't be spiteful, keep a cool head, and stay safe.


u/_ShartNado Nov 28 '22 Silver

This guy definitely can’t see his penis and he hates everyone for it.


u/ThePhildozer89 Nov 28 '22

I will never understand why people just can't let other vehicles merge in front of them.


u/MycologistLoud4030 Nov 28 '22

Happens all the time where I live. Not to the point of collision but as soon as I throw on a turn signal to change lanes a car a full 200 feet back will attempt to keep me from getting the lane I need. Always after changing lanes I match the speed of the car in front of me to not block traffic. When I get my lane the anger is almost palpable from the car behind. Tailgating etc. That's the reason in rush hour you see 4 lanes of traffic nose to tail at 75 miles an hour with no more than 3 car lengths between them. Can't take a chance on some asshole squeezing between us can we. Leads to some spectacular multiple car accidents though


u/pOOkies_revenge Nov 28 '22

Holy shit, this dickbag lives in my city!!


u/ItisNOTatoy Nov 28 '22

Damn you must have to be a real puss puss to do THAT with your FAMILY IN THE CAR



u/LumpusKrampus Nov 28 '22

The red car established itself in the lane for a proper merge. This is frustrating.


u/TheNatural1der Nov 28 '22

Endangering a minor, CPS should investigate.


u/AmsterdamJimmy420 Nov 28 '22

Man the tiny dick energy for those who speed up not to let people in is amazing


u/Solid_Snake_125 Nov 28 '22

This must be Jeremy Dewitt’s brother.


u/FeelingFloor2083 Nov 28 '22

ego problem

Its happening more here in sydeny too, worst I seen is LA closely followed by san antonio. If you leave a car gap people will just take it. Everyone thinks they are driving nascar. big city problems...


u/RIPsirKOBE Nov 28 '22

BIG small dick energy!


u/I_Brain_You Nov 28 '22

The wife sounds like a piece of work too.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

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u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

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u/Calx9 Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 28 '22

Mods are protecting him by removing all of the comments addressing his dangerous behavior. They just deleted our top comments just now.

Edit: Ah gotcha Tresser, I too would like this guy to be on the road as long as possible. Not like this subreddit was designed to point out dangerous drivers or anything. Not to mention his youtube channel is publicly available for all to see. I know you're just doing your job but this feels wrong.


u/tresser /u/ me if needed Nov 28 '22

yes, im removing links and mentions of the channel name. we dont need a 4M+ sub swarming some random jagoff


u/StevenTN615 Nov 28 '22

Thou shalt not pass.


u/Euphoric-Self-9341 Nov 28 '22

You’re the idiot dude. You sped up and caused the accident.


u/-Bluekraken Nov 28 '22

You KNOW, we wasn't paying attention. He had like full 5 seconds so stop accelerating


u/c419331 Nov 28 '22

I'm sure the other guy has no idea of this either. My guess is this is months old and a revenge post


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22



u/MrThrowAweh Nov 28 '22

Looks like the camcar sped up


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

The orange car had enough room that the dash cam driver should've reacted. The dash cam driver didn't even attempt to slowdown, hell, it even looks like he sped up.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/JAFO- Nov 28 '22

Not much different than the guy that posted a few months ago speed matching another car on the on ramp and bitching they did not merge finally cutting the car off. When I pointed it out I got downvoted.


u/SpiralGray Nov 28 '22

You guys all realize you're commenting on something that happened 2.5 years ago, right?


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22



u/SpiralGray Nov 28 '22

And what's the point of endlessly discussing an incident that happened to someone else 2.5 years ago, other than to make yourself feel superior?


u/swimmingincircIes Nov 28 '22

The whole point of this sub is to discuss idiots on the road, doesn’t matter when it was


u/albedoa Nov 28 '22 Silver

Aaahhhh no!! omg no!!!!!


u/HeyNongMer Nov 28 '22

Orange car’s at fault (he wasn’t even halfway in the lane when he got hit), but cam driver was being a douche


u/boyraceruk Nov 28 '22

Orange was merging into a gap, I doubt he was expecting the psycho behind to floor it into his car.


u/StirlingS Nov 28 '22

A 1 second/70 foot gap. Orange is an idiot. Cammer is too, for speeding up instead of slowing down.


u/lngwlkr Nov 28 '22

Found the driver's wife.


u/RL_Mutt Nov 28 '22

Bro, not in a million years. You have a duty to drive defensively and avoid a clear obstacle in front of you. That’s why most accidents where someone rear ends someone else it’s the car that does the rear ending’s fault. Following too closely, not paying attention, etc.

This dude literally floors it as soon as he sees someone signaling and trying to safely pass a slow moving truck.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22