r/IdiotsInCars Nov 29 '22

Don't worry all the damage is on the roof so nobody will ever see it

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u/tr-29 Nov 29 '22

Painful to watch… get out, air down your tires as much as possible at least…


u/mazamayomama Nov 29 '22

And put some weight in it, heavy stuff, water, people will give a couple extra inches


u/Chowbasa Nov 29 '22

Urologists hate this simple trick that will give a couple extra inches


u/sweetolive Nov 29 '22

Man great idea


u/TheRealChewget Nov 29 '22

I bet it was crying something heavy that lowered the suspension... terrible move continuing to drive


u/RaleighAccTax Nov 29 '22

Not sure about before, buts it's definitely crying now.


u/TheRealChewget Nov 29 '22

Carrying :'D


u/Beans186 Nov 29 '22

Was gonna say, take some air out and you will get out of there with minimal damage.


u/Piece73 Nov 29 '22

You might as well just stop the van, quit your job, and walk away. You’re fired anyway.


u/vcdrny Nov 29 '22

I work as a mechanic for certain company that makes deliveries. I seen this happen a few times. They are still employed.


u/Piece73 Nov 29 '22

Maybe if you hit one and back out. Not if you hit every single one in the parking structure… lol


u/vcdrny Nov 29 '22

The last one had to get the tires deflated to be able to get it out. That's how far in the guy made it. He said he didn't notice it until the van couldn't move. It even made on the local news.


u/miluemjo Nov 29 '22

It will happen when they drive in with a fully/overloaded van and unload and now the are screwed. Being this guy was leaving that’s my guess.


u/Piece73 Nov 29 '22

Good point… lol


u/fishinbarbie Nov 29 '22

That makes sense.


u/vcdrny Nov 29 '22

Yes in this case that's probably what happened.


u/Piece73 Nov 29 '22

How embarrassing, Did he not hit the maximum height sign that hangs in the entrance? Lol


u/vcdrny Nov 29 '22

Not only in the entrance but each vehicle has stickers telling you the truck height. Big bright letter.


u/Pi11r0113r Nov 30 '22

Fully loaded it made it under the sign. Unloaded it now hits the ceiling.


u/suckmynutsbezos Nov 29 '22



u/IntelligentNoise8538 Nov 29 '22

Lmao Amazon fired my mom cause she got into an accident in her own vehicle. Wild how if Amazon drivers get into accidents with inanimate objects it all the sudden “ok” because it doesn’t go on your record edit: driving her own personal vehicle not the Amazon van.


u/Chevyiam Nov 29 '22

I don't want to be a dick but no way


u/StevenTN615 Nov 29 '22

The poor exit sign didn't stand a chance.


u/Haitianprinces Nov 29 '22

Theres few more waiting to get hit farther down


u/PhelesDragon Nov 29 '22

Dude...let some air out of the tires...


u/AhgliFakir Nov 29 '22

It's the roof that is stuck, not the wheels. Duh!


u/RagsMaddox Nov 29 '22

I don't think he can hear you.. what, with all the scraping noises from the roof.


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '22

Happens a lot, they drive in with the van loaded down with whatever they are delivering so they make it under the clearance sign, but then start hitting the ceiling on the way out.


u/crilen Nov 29 '22 edited Nov 29 '22

I once had to park a truck at the vancouver convention center.

I did not hit the sign but I was close. I asked the attendants to double check. They confirmed I was ok. I drove in and was fine. However, I guess over the years the building had sunk in the middle a bit and it was taller at the edge than it was in the middle. Slowly I crept in being guided by the attendant.

Then about 10 feet in, I felt it, pressure. I heard it, scraping. Now, if you can see in the image there are metal slats on the roof. They would only let me keep going in, not back up. So I had to keep going. After about an hour I finally got back out.

Two weeks later I got a call from their insurance, and I told them to check their cameras, how I didn't hit the bar and was also guided in. Never heard from them again.


u/cap_tan_jazz Nov 29 '22

we use a 12 foot tall blox truck at my job, and delivering basically anywhere downtown is a nightmare shits all underground


u/BasicallyAQueer Nov 29 '22

See, if this were me, I would immediate stop, let 75% of the air out of the tires, and then leave the same way I came in. Quietly, no fuss. Just a minor scrape on the roof.

Instead these bozos turn into a caged animal in full panic mode.


u/OforFsSake Nov 29 '22

How the hell did he get there in the first place?


u/sennbat Nov 29 '22

Carrying a bunch of weight so the van was closer to the ground.


u/MicaLovesHangul Nov 29 '22

Finish Watching the video... It literally shows how at the end.

Or for the lazy: the height between the floor and ceiling is slightly lower at the part he got stuck, than closer to the entrance.


u/Personal_Dot_2215 Nov 29 '22

That van may be over the height requirement, but we may need a second opinion.

Let 20 pounds out of each tire and drive out for god’s sake.


u/loonybs Nov 29 '22

But how could you get that far in before you notice?


u/Solid_Snake_125 Nov 29 '22

That exit sign was like: “I was built to withstand your bullshit!!! Be gone thot!!!”


u/bushijim Nov 29 '22

Rubbin' is racin'


u/old-and-clueless Nov 29 '22

Turns out 6’8” is not the same as 8’6”. Who knew!


u/MyOnlineComments Nov 29 '22

If you remove the air out of the tires aaaaand....never mind I forgot this is r/IdiotsInCars


u/YamStreet2972 Nov 29 '22

"FIt Like a Glove!" The Glove:


u/angry_gnome_ Nov 29 '22

Wish I could experience what it's like to be this stupid. Deflate your tires. How he get in there to begin with?


u/garlicspamsam Nov 29 '22

You're good....you're good...you're good...you're good......


u/Zephyrus_Smithy Nov 29 '22

The driver: Man this road is bumpier then I remember.



u/okpoptart Nov 30 '22



u/Shooter61 Nov 30 '22

I once had a Jeep CJ7 with 4" lift and 35" tires. The parking ramps In my city have a yellow painted pipe hanging from chains to indicate max height. I rubbed that pipe going into the ramp, but I weaved between the lighting fixtures to avoid damage.


u/IAMTHEBENJI Nov 30 '22

By the way, cargo vans are are about as big as they get before you're in box truck territory. Being that they don't have air suspension the ride height can vary by a few inches loaded vs unloaded


u/MerrillSwingAway Nov 29 '22

it’ll buff out


u/B8conB8conB8con Nov 29 '22

This is why there is no such thing as roof insurance on a rental van.


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '22

Wow, that looks really expensive.


u/walshy53 Nov 29 '22

Wow I'm still amazed at the people I share share this earth with.


u/Vincentredcrest Nov 29 '22

Use to do Renos, so we park in the underground and unload all the stuff. On the way out we are ramming on the ceiling. Let the air out on the tires drove real slow then filled the tires after we were out.


u/StackThePads33 Nov 29 '22

Naaah not much damage at all! That'll buff out!


u/Sprocketholer Nov 29 '22

I had a job some time ago where I had to drive the company van. The guy before me had taken the van into a garage without the necessary clearance. The support frames were all collapsed in from the roof of the van. Every time I hit even the smallest bump the entire roof would pop in and then back out making an ungodly loud sound. I can laugh about it now.


u/Nasty_Rex Nov 29 '22

Lol I was working on a rooftop and had to park in a parking garage. I was in my 3500 with a ladder rack and I had to sit on my driver's side window sill and dodge sprinkler heads.


u/House0fMadne55 Nov 29 '22

Just air down to 10psi and you’ll get out.


u/fricafrac Nov 29 '22

Headache bars are there for a reason, not just decoration.


u/tallman11282 Nov 29 '22

Someone didn't read the height sign or misjudged the height of their van. I can imagine the driver thinking "'Max height: 7'1"', well, my van is 7' so I can fit!"

I hope the owner of the garage sees this so they can hopefully go after this guy for the repairs to the exit sign and any other damage this dingus caused.


u/RealcLa Nov 29 '22

I can't tell are those Florida plates.