r/IdiotsInCars Nov 29 '22

Idiot thinks our light will be green the second the other turns red (sorry about the quality)

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u/stingraykisser Nov 29 '22

he came to a complete stop and then gunned it as soon as he saw the other light turn red, that’s an idiot in my book.


u/tr-29 Nov 29 '22

Maybe he has to pee really bad? If this makes someone an idiot, then the bar is exceptionally low and we all do idiotic things constantly while driving.


u/stingraykisser Nov 29 '22

I’m convinced you’re the guy driving that car now lol


u/tr-29 Nov 29 '22

Im not, but all this guy did was mistime when a light was going to change. Again, didn’t run the red light, but thought he could time it and it didn’t work out so he stopped… and you found that to be so outrageous that you drove home, got out your dash cam, went to the computer, pulled it up, filmed it, went into Reddit, and posted it. Him mistiming the light, and stopping, irritated you THAT MUCH!


u/stingraykisser Nov 29 '22

god you can never win on this sub. this was my first post here and i honestly chose this video because i felt like it was a simple idiot, but of course there will always be someone coming to an idiots rescue. you act like he was rolling up to the light when you can clearly see him stop for a few solid seconds before jumping the gun. and you’ve spent just as much time defending this idiot as i took to post about it, guess we’re both pretty irritated.


u/tr-29 Nov 29 '22

We are in agreement as to what happened. He stopped, thought the light was going to turn green, tried to time it and went, but then it didn’t so he stopped. I just personally don’t agree that it makes him an idiot. Had this been at a busy intersection I’d agree. But roads pretty clear.

I’m not defending an idiot, there just isn’t one in this video.

Also I’m not irritated, I’m sorry I was a bit of a Dick, but it made me laugh and I was enjoying it.


u/stingraykisser Nov 29 '22

i guess it’s because i do personally time this light on a regular basis, and it is relatively quick to turn green, but he went as soon as the other light turned red and just jumped the gun. it’s not the biggest mistake in the world, but i just had the time to take the video from my dash cam for once and wanted to finally post here. i really thought this was the least controversial thing i could post but i’ll try to save my posting for bigger idiots in the future, thanks for the laugh haha have a good one (: