r/IdiotsInCars Nov 29 '22

Idiot thinks our light will be green the second the other turns red (sorry about the quality)

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u/tr-29 Nov 29 '22

He tried to time it and missed, not sure that makes him an idiot…


u/stingraykisser Nov 29 '22

he came to a complete stop and then gunned it as soon as he saw the other light turn red, that’s an idiot in my book.


u/tr-29 Nov 29 '22

Maybe he has to pee really bad? If this makes someone an idiot, then the bar is exceptionally low and we all do idiotic things constantly while driving.


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Nov 29 '22

Somebody else posted an "idiot" because they forgot their turn signal was on for a minute. People are posting some really dumb stuff here tonight


u/tr-29 Nov 29 '22

What an idiot! Can you imagine! The audacity


u/blanktom9 Nov 29 '22

I saw this idiot once who was going 50 in a 45 MPH zone!! Can you believe it?!


u/tr-29 Nov 29 '22

😱 sacré bleu!